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AHA Games  |  2021-6-28 02:39 2623713

Hello T-Fans!

WIN UPTO $1500 On AHA's New EuroCUp Event!
EURO CUP 2020 1200 X 500.png

Our EuroCup Kings Event starts on the 26th of June 2021 and ends 11 July 2021.

Total Prize: $1500 US Dollars

How to participate:
1. Make sure you have the latest version of AHA Games on your phone.
2. Click on the event top banner in the app, and enter the event. The following is the event link, but it must be opened with in AHA Games for you to enter.

Note:This event is only available to users from Nigeria, Egypt, Pakistan and India
Enjoy! And Good Luck!

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03366893508 10 #

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2021-9-8 07:26 Like(0)

31979554 9 #

Nice one, I like to play
2021-8-31 15:57 Like(0)

ts83800115781 8 #

2021-8-7 23:15 Like(0)

Jonezzy 7 #

2021-7-26 16:46 Like(0)

Josatech 6 #

2021-7-9 15:31 Like(1)

31505369 5 #

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mikosians 4 #

Good one AHA Games
2021-6-29 09:59 Like(0)

Malomo King 3 #

I can't find the event banner
2021-6-28 04:00 Like(1)
  • mikosians : It's on the First Page of the AHA Games Application

    2021-7-1 12:05

Deeman 2 #

2021-6-28 03:14 Like(0)

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