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[Discussion] Brought To You By Me Contest : RE-JUDGED

HiOS  |  2021-7-9 00:40 5179

hios btybmc.png

The winners and prize list for the HiOS BroughtToYouByMe Contest just got released and generally, there has been a complaint by most users who saw the post that the prizes for the winners are too small and few. There is also concern that the selection of winning entries wasn't well done because a lot of better designed and more qualifed entries were not selected as winners.

So, I took my time to go through all the entries I could find both on the Tspot and Facebook pages of HiOS and sorted, graded and judged them to get my own list of the best entries for the contest (I completed this in less than 3hrs while the judging by the HiOS judges took about 5 weeks!!!).

Please note that this is not an official re-judging by HiOS and It doesn't mean that the winners selected by me here are going to recieve prizes.
I'd like to suggest to HiOS that they change the prize shared and their quantity too,because the mug that's to be sharedwill honestly not be appreciated by most users. Maybe instead a power bank and Tecno Hipods 2 as consolation prizes for runner-ups.

Without any further delay,here are the best entries for the contest that should have made it to the winners list(and would be suitable as souvenir designs).

Note: they are arranged randomly, not sequentially.
ruth anne.jpg malomo king 2.jpg
presh 200 2.jpg witty oppy 3.jpg witty oppy 2.jpg ts8169268296.jpg dr dave.jpg champman.jpg mumeen.jpg witty oppy.jpg malomo king 3.jpg phenominal sam.jpg babyalimi.jpg

What do you think? Tell me in the comments section.
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Ruth Anne 4 #

They did not even consider the time & effort, we participants, gave into that contest. They've given so much rules for the mechanics and yet seems like none of the rules were properly followed at all. How on earth did they come up to that decision and chosen the worse entry as Grand winner.
2021-7-21 08:27 Like(1)
  • Malomo King : Exactly!! I don't understand there decisions both in terms of the prizes and the winners

    2021-7-21 15:01

Malomo King Author3 #

Would you prefer a powerbank and hipods?
Maybe we can negotiate for those instead

BAREKESE MMRANTE HENE ? published in 2021-7-9 03:03
They said winners are going to get Camon 17 but now they are saying just mug then they should keep i ...
2021-7-9 03:39 Like(0)
  • BAREKESE MMRANTE HENE ? : Their power banks aren't powerful may hipods and some Bluetooth speakers would be nice but to me we should still insist for the phones

    2021-7-9 20:25


They said winners are going to get Camon 17 but now they are saying just mug then they should keep it. I think we should all come together and reject the mug
2021-7-9 03:03 Like(0)

Malomo King


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