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[Announcement] FPL IS BACK, ARE YOU READY??

Mancity  |  2021-7-17 10:52 324584


Hello Tfans, the international break is finally over and teams are starting to resume pre-season training. So on this note, we are ready to announce Tfans FPL season 2, but before we do that, we encountered some issues in the first season which we won't want to happen again this season, regards claiming gifts. The moment the manager of the month is announced, a deadline is usually included to send in delivery details. If you are unable to send it before the day, you won't be able to claim the gift item again. We experienced so many similar issues last season and we won't be entertaining such complaints this season.

Also, if you have suggestions on how we can improve, kindly state them in the comment section.

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Joshuaboy 11 #

Bring it on
2021-7-26 21:17 Like(0)

Jonezzy 10 #

2021-7-26 16:48 Like(0)

242504629738 9 #

someone shd send the code early
2021-7-25 00:36 Like(0)

242504629738 8 #

am in
2021-7-25 00:35 Like(0)

31727294 7 #

2021-7-18 20:58 Like(0)

Deeman the 2nd 6 #

Also, I feel maybe a WhatsApp group should be created for FPL managers, it will enable us to interact with each other better... we can also contact the winners and alert them before the deadline and some other benefits
2021-7-18 19:10 Like(0)

Deeman the 2nd 5 #

my message was acknowledged but I haven't received the gift yet
2021-7-18 19:06 Like(0)

Deeman the 2nd 4 #

I haven't gotten my gift for being among the Managers of the month for February for last season
2021-7-18 19:04 Like(0)

Deeman the 2nd 3 #

Amazing, we can't wait
2021-7-18 19:03 Like(0)


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