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The new season of the Premier league will start soon, and alongside it, the new FPL season(Fantasy Premier League) will kick-off too.As we all know, T-spot also gives FPL players the opportunity to win all sorts of gifts and prizes for being the top managers for the month or season!!!!
So, here's a thread on what the FPL is plus how to play and enjoy it.
Note: This is mainly for people who are totally new to the game and would be interested in playing and participating in the T-spot activity. Old players will definitely already know the things I'll be discussing in this thread.
And also, this thread won't be very detailed, firstly to keep it short, but also because I'm myself am still a bit of a noobie too. So, let's gooooooo......!!!

The FPL is an official game by the Premier League and is basically about analysing and predicting which players will perform well in each Game week/season and selecting(buying) then to form your team while on a limited budget. And how well they do in each week will determine how many points you'll get from them (like if the strikers you chose score in their real matches, or if your keeper keeps a clean sheet,and other stuff like that...).

There's also room for substitutions, transfers and many other interesting features of the FPL. I'll leave a link to a youtube video I watched too,so that you can understand the game fully,how to register (very easy actually), and more important stuff like that.

So now, to the T-spot aspect. T-spot will be rewarding the top managers for each month with various gifts and prizes. But only managers that register for the T-spot activity will be eligible to participate. And to win, you have to be part of the managers with the top points/scores for that month.
To get updates and instructions, check and follow the official account on Tspot @TSPOT FANS FPL
Here's their post about the new season.

Hope you enjoyed reading this ️ Follow me here on Tspot @MALOMO KING  for more interesting posts and check out my old post for intriguing and interesting posts

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I'm getting tired ????
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I'm getting tired ????
waiting for too long ????????‍♂️
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