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TECNO's got you back! Come on City! Let's get it started with a win!!!

Moderator Apply  |  2021-8-9 06:11 2821719

Hi T-fans:
In the coming weeks before we kick off the new English Premier League season, Manchester City has continued their habit of winning. They scored 4 goals to win their pre-season game to boost their morale and set the tone for the new season.

While the game didn't have fans in the stadium, TECNO was quite literally and figuratively present and "having their backs" as a sign of encouragement to continue on their quest for excellence and maintain their winning habit in the upcoming season.

Having already scored 10 goals in their past friendly pre-season matches, it looks like their habit of scoring goal will likely continue into the premier league.

Don't forget to tune in on the 15th August when our English Premier League Champions take on Tottenham to kick off the new season. Let's cheer our lads on towards another winning season!   

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31141822 8 #

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speechesgh 7 #

???????????????? ???????????? ????????
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Hoilakes 6 #

2 great TEAMz... TECNO MOBILE x Man City
2021-8-10 04:53 Like(1)

ts13918774828 5 #

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Malomo King 4 #

Let's go!!!!!
2021-8-9 20:33 Like(1)

31851580 3 #

otg setting
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Emy100 2 #

Up Man Cty
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