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[Discussion] Skewed Document Photos? Try HiOS 7.6 Document Auto Correct on Phantom X

HiOS  |  2021-8-10 12:30 TECNO KB8 3216151

The rise of a document scanner makes it easy for documents processing and hours spent typing is massively reduced.
Over the years, technological advancement increases thus, people do not need to depend so much on the scanning device that is always connected to the computer.
The birth of smart phone introduces focus to simple ways of doing things and the question comes to mind, why not have a scanner on the phone?
Yes, today some smart phones offer the ability to scan documents using the camera on it and even type documents. But there is one more feature that seem to be lacking after scanning these documents.
On TECNO Phantom X running on HiOS 7.6 based on Android 11, this missing feature was identified and implemented.
This missing feature is the ability to correct a document after scanning.
There are high possibilities to take pictures of important documents but the position and angles are all bent out of shape.
Document correction uses perspective correction and page edge detection technology to auto course-correct your documents and adjusts it for easier and correct viewing.
Maybe you missed this top phrase or surprised! Yes- It auto course-correct the documents that are bent out of shape.
This way, you do not need to worry about positioning your document very well in order to have a nice shot.
Just take it and allow HiOS Document correction feature to do the magic for you.
That is not all, you auto correct brightness, contrast and enhance visibility of characters on the documents.
Document Correction on HiOS 7.6 offers ease and simplicity when handling important documents
especially when using the mobile phone for professional purposes –

How to use Document Correction on Phantom X
1. Go to AI Gallery and open the photo containing the document you want to work on
2. Click on “Document” at bottom of the photo
3. Click on “Corrective” to automatically select the area of the document you want to improve
4. Click “color enhancement” to add more color to your text
5. Click on shadow removal to remove any distracting shadows.

Kindly tell us in the comment section your experience and opinion on this feature.
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Tengo un spark 6 lo podré actualizar a Android 11 ?
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Tecno 16 pro.... Date?
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