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HiOS  |  2021-8-18 11:38 TECNO KB8 3320917

Hello T-Fans,

This has not been spoken about, neither has any ear heard of this; an experience yet unseen amongst elites.
As you all know, HiOS is reaching mile stones and breaking Exclusive records in the Tech world of the end-users.
For the support and unrelenting efforts recieved from you the biggest fans, it is a privilege to invite you, "The Boldest and Most Xtra-ordinary" to this Xclusive gathering that is featuring notable elites in different industries like you.
The gathering of path breakers, self-expressive pursuant, the rock stars, the fashionistas, the globe throtters, the Key Opinion influencers, the music maestros, the top sports performers, the model-cum-academics,  IT geniuses and all together HiOS Fans who live for the glamour, the sparkle, and the Extraodinary Lifestyle.

You stand a chance to win a VIP tickets to our XCLUSIVE EXPERIENCE Event where you'll get to wine and dine with the TECNO HiOS Team and other VIP guests in a first-of-its-kind HiOS FANCAFE!
This event will be inexplicable, an experience you will hold in highest esteem.
At this event, you will get the opportunity to ask questions about the industry and get to answer questions from colleagues also.
Engaging content is priority and, yet unspeakable demonstration and highlights of what HiOS is and have achieved in the past years.
Do you think you are one of the elite?
Do you have what it takes to be termed notable?
Show us your exquisite boldness. The undefined luxury. The exclusive in making and dine with us by filling the form below.
Click the link below and fill in the required information


We can't wait to get Xclusive with you.
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15523560632 21 #

2021-8-27 05:03 Like(1)

31539406 20 #

extra ordinary prand
2021-8-26 09:12 Like(0)

31683876 19 #

The greatest of all time
2021-8-26 08:03 Like(0)

ts07037225057 18 #

Tecno is the best of all phone
2021-8-24 13:56 Like(0)

31936003 17 #

Very reliable product
2021-8-24 08:25 Like(0)

31935384 16 #

The best product worldwide
2021-8-24 06:50 Like(0)

King74 15 #

Tecno is the King of all phones, today and forever ????????????????????????????????????????????
2021-8-24 06:01 Like(0)

Omonua23 14 #

Ever since Tecno came out in android i so much like it& that's my favorite phone ever from Spark2,Spark4&now Spark7 known as Android-11
2021-8-24 04:54 Like(0)

07033050571 13 #

I have send my information successful, according to me and either u like or not, I Suleiman I say Tecno are the best phone ever. if possible now I wanted to upgrade to phantom X
2021-8-24 04:31 Like(0)

31934726 12 #

the link is not working
2021-8-24 04:14 Like(0)

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