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[Discussion] Keep the fun alive with HiOS Voice Changer on Phantom X.

HiOS  |  2021-8-20 13:26 63147

Hello T-Fans,
For the past few weeks, you’ve noticed the BOLD and EXTRAORDINARY Newest flagship, TECNO
Phantom X running on by HiOS 7.6, powered by Android 11 bombarding your timeline, news feed,
television programs and phone screen.
Yes, it’s worth the accolade. An inexpungible achievement that prioritizes the best of user experience and uniqueness; Bold and Extraordinary device that suits luxurious lifestyle.
So far, the experience on the device has been smooth, hello! refreshing, notable, and spectacular
because of the powerful features loaded on the operating system- the HiOS 7.6
These features were made for productivity and Excitement. Just like the learned man would say “All work without play makes jack a dull boy.
One of these exciting features is the VOICE CHANGER that is now introduced in the SOCIAL TURBO.
Before now, you have known that the Social Turbo is a very interesting feature embedded on your video calls that add beautification and lighting to your skin.
Amazingly, another wonderful feature has been added.
Voice Changer transforms your voice and add effects. It helps you to customize voice effects the way
you want. Want to sound like a woman, man, girl, boy, old woman or a baby? Now you can add effects to your voice and sound like the real thing. Change your voice in real time and have fun with friends. A perfect way to disguise your voice!
Have you ever imagine pranking your friends or family with different voice while on call with them?
These imaginations are what the innovative team at HiOS always stand to bring to life.
Now, you don’t need to imagine it. It is real. You can feel it. You can tap it. You can speak it. You can
hear it.
On TECNO Phantom X running on HiOS 7.6, you can choose series of voices and sound accordingly while calling on WhatsApp.  
How to use Voice Changer on Phantom X
1. Open Social Turbo
2. Open Voice Changer to turn it on for WhatsApp
3. Open WhatsApp and call your friend
4. Open the Voice Changer to select your preferred voice.
That is all.
Now you can talk like any age you want and keep the fun rolling.
Hit the comment section and share your experience and opinion with us.

Oh! lest we forget.

You can also be one of the lucky winners of the VIP Ticket to the first of its kind HiOS Fan Event.

Copy and Follow this link for more details.

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5 #

My phone voyas change befor crack sound pablum plz fix
2023-1-21 09:11 Like(0)

ts177617871 4 #

How to set news feed left home screen to google news feed or local news feed
2023-1-18 21:22 Like(0)

fidelisenwemeka 3 #

Great innovation!
2021-10-15 11:27 Like(1)

Enoch007 2 #

News feed on my phantom X does not work its just blank all through have updated Chrome many times still won't refresh
2021-9-30 06:53 Like(1)
  • God loves me : maybe it has been disabled kindly check if you have granted permission to it

    2021-10-25 09:56

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