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How do you persevere to achieve your dreams?

Activities  |  2021-8-27 03:35 42101561

Hi T-Fans:
What is your future aspiration?

The yearning for the future and the persistence of dreams when young.

How many difficulties have we experienced, how many times have we thought about giving up, but finally in the end, has your dream come true?

The courage of 18 years old is still there. May you look forward to what is ahead and meet the future.  www.tecnostopatnothing.com

What is your wish? How do you persevere for this dream? Tell us your dreams, tell us your story. We will select 3 lucky people who have persisted in their dreams and have worked hard. T-Spot will guard the original dream together with you.  

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TTL 38 #

My childhood dream was to be a soldier.  But for various reasons, I became a teacher.  But I'm happy.  There were many difficulties?  My family was poor and I had to attend poor school to get a degree.  I qualified because I tried to get a master's degree, but I still can't afford it.  I dream of going to college one day with more money, even though I am over 30 years old.
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3157861089 37 #

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ts08103436671 36 #

wanna keep pushing my dreams
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ts502408234 35 #

I just believe Allah Taala bless us all
because Allah Taala can do everything insha'Allah I will get what Allah Taala prize me best
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Moushen ken 34 #

Rest Of My Story
One of my goals was 2 develop a small business that could help support my  lifestyle, a lifestyle v basics nt v excess, a lifestyle that would allow me to do what i wanted, what i loved, and what would allow me to be creative. en, it wasn't that i didn't attempt a few things that didn't work out bt wz perseverance as my Ally.i hope that one day I will make it..as I acquired a driving permit..I hope 2 get a job and invest in my dream.for all I know..No situation is permanent.
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I define myself as humble, responsible, respectful and a loving person. Am always content with what I have and appreciate everything people do for me. Am the kind of person who try his best to achieve the what I want by making the impossible possible be the word Impossible also says I'm-possible. I want to be a journalist in the future and I will try my best to achieve my dream in the possible and positive manner. Let Love Lead. ❤️
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ts32039355 32 #

From an extended family with 19 siblings to undergoing different stages of poverty and finally in Ireland on a scholarship to study Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development. My dream future aspiration is to create a social and education environment for the vulnerable kids back home in Sierra Leone through a foundation I am working on. I have tried so many times to establish a business to support my foundation and work with orphans and deprived children in rural communities. Due to finance, many things have not been
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31988983 31 #

just keep doing things that you want to forfill, and just keep on thanking God for what you can reach in every moment......  God things and bad things are the same achievement in life....
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joshuapercy 30 #

my dream is to make a difference and be recognised as someone who changed the life of millions , cus I discovered it's not what Ur doing but the impact u make , my dream is to make it in the modelling word cus there are hardly few Nigerian male models who are internationally big I want that too,and I have been making efforts to invest in agriculture too , but it's funny cus dreams come wit nightmares . it's always fine till people start looking down on u ,or wanting u to do  certain things b4 th
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Amos Gift 29 #

Good one
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