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[Discussion] The Walk to Fitness: Health ease with HiOS Hi-health

HiOS  |  2021-8-27 10:56 TECNO KB8 3953

Hello T-Fans,
Are you smart?
Deep sigh!
Yes! We know you are. Do you walk smart? What devices or features helps you keep smart?
Follow us a little, let’s blow your mind.
Do you know that in 2013, 56 percent of persons all over the world believes technology positively impacts health condition?
Fast forward to 2017, 82 percent of people trust technology to improve their wellbeing?
Maybe we should skip the past. In 2021, are you thinking what we are thinking? Could we say 100 plus percent acquire technology to help in their health status?
Maybe you don’t like statistics like us. You want the real thing, to feel and touch it.
With all these evolvement and advancement in technology, HiOS think smart, and act smart.
Your smart phone is your partner. Why not add a feature to help you keep fit and stay healthy?
This is why, on HiOS 7.0 and above, we introduced the Hi-health.
TECNO Phantom X running on HiOS 7.6 gives you an immersive experience and accurate assistant when it comes to health.
The Hi-health is a feature that count your steps when jogging, running or general road walk for fitness.
Not only this, it measures your Body mass index (BMI) and notify you when to drink water to avoid
It also helps in calories burn and determine your weight essence.
Hi-health is an amazing feature that enhances health support enabling comfort and smartness.
You no longer need a smart watch or walk watch to monitor your steps or water intake.
You’ve got the all-in-one gadget on the Phantom X.
How to find and setup the Hi-health.
1. Swipe left to the zero board
2. Locate a human walk icon on any of the dashboards.
3. Setup by selecting your gender, age, weight and height.
4. Enter your goal per day and you’re good to go.

Kindly share your experience with us in the comment section below.
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i have Health problem how can you help me
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