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HiOS Awarded Outstanding Android User Interface Prize for the 2nd year running

HiOS  |  2021-8-30 09:50 TECNO KB8 13815421



Hello T-Fans,
Guess what?
By making BOLD moves, we are getting EXTRAORDINARY achievements.
While your weekend was filled with fun and family time; taking pictures and making memories with your HiOS smartphone and enjoying the best version of yourself, TECNO HiOS was at an event - bringing in a qualifiable accomplishment to the family Hall of Fame.
On Friday the 27th of August, 2021, TECNO HiOS was nominated, and awarded as the Outstanding
Android User Interface of the Year 2021 at the Marketing Edge National Marketing Summit of Brands & Advertising Excellence Awards.
MARKETING EDGE is an esteem organization in Nigeria pioneering exclusive news, authoritative reports and insights in the integrated marketing communications sector.
In preparation for the 2021 awards, over 100 experienced editors from Africa's leading technology publications examined, nominated and then voted for the best software available.
Last year’s Beacon of ICT Award's Award for Android User Interface of the year went to HiOS 7.0 and this year’s top award went to the HiOS 7.6 – continuing the brand’s reputation for excellence in the communications market.
Between them, the member publications of the Marketing Edge National Marketing Summit have
published more than 250000 technical articles, going back more than 10 years. It is that knowledge and experience that means the Marketing Edge National Marketing Summit is uniquely positioned to provide this kind of insight into the market.
Commenting on the win, the Marketing Edge Award Organizing Committee praised HiOS saying:
"We're thrilled that TECNO HiOS has taken home the Marketing Edge Outstanding Android User
Interface award. The HiOS well deserved win celebrates the Operating System's place as the best Android User Interface on the market, recognizing it as a software that is truly game changing."
The communication sector recognizes TECNO HiOS proficiency and notable advancement in the User end design of telecommunication device interface.
Like a perfect throw to the center of a dart game, HiOS recent launch of the stunning, exquisite,
sophisticated, yet, smart smooth simple interface, the HiOS 7.6 which is currently the mother operating system of CAMON 17 series and TECNO latest flagship, The PHANTOM X paved greater way to this award.
This award is a reminder that HiOS is in the right path and we've been recognized by industries as
innovators of extraordinary.
One key focus of HiOS is the users. So much attention to developing what the user can feel, touch and appreciate.
HiOS interface and choice of color is inspired by nature, art and creativity. The things humans are
connected with.
This award is also a reminder that, HiOS have loyal fans in support of their goal and mission.
HiOS recognizes the wonderful support and feedback received from the fans day and night.
These helps the growth and deeper understanding of what the users really want and need.
With HiOS, everyday seem perfect because of the unrelenting effort put into work by the amazing team and the invaluable fans.
Thank you all very much and it's our pleasure to present to you- our wonderful fans, the glimpse of what your OUTSTANDING looks like.

More wins to come.
Together we can.

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962258572 124 #

I love your phone😊😊
2021-11-9 06:29 Like(0)

Viraumae25 123 #

congratulation techno! please do continue changing lives! your the best!!!
2021-11-3 07:40 Like(0)

quintine shelby 122 #

plssssss can i have one ?  love it so much 💕💕
2021-10-23 14:06 Like(1)

31359631 121 #

I love tekno phone please
2021-10-23 11:47 Like(0)

ts3087461214 120 #

great 👍
2021-10-23 08:40 Like(0)

Keith123 119 #

i love techno
2021-10-8 02:38 Like(0)

Just.Onome 118 #

wawu, well done 👏
2021-10-5 03:18 Like(0)

727552348 117 #

i love tekno
2021-10-3 14:27 Like(0)

32169448 116 #

Tecno has been my favourite so far
2021-9-30 07:30 Like(0)

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