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What do you think is "perfection"?

Activities  |  2021-9-3 02:13 10697307

Hi T-fans:
How do you define "perfection"?

Is it the pursuit of excellence or the endless pursuit of perfection?

For the sake of perfection, you may give up many things that make you happy; you may also give up your ideal job for the sake of perfection...

Comment on your understanding and personal story of "perfection", we will select 3 lucky winners and send them a gift from www.tecnostopatnothing.com

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TTL 105 #

I think perfection means being physically and mentally satisfied.  No matter how flawless the device, it will only be perfect if the user is satisfied.
2021-9-24 10:29 Like(0)

32111984 104 #

it's one of the best and best
2021-9-24 06:37 Like(0)

752486878 103 #

Nothing beats BETTER but only one thing does and that's what's BEST which is non other than the PHANTOM X 💪
2021-9-24 05:49 Like(0)

752486878 102 #

it's the X for me and that's a PHANTOM type of X after being with the PHANTOM 9 for a while the wait seems too long for me to have a grip of the X ☺️
2021-9-24 05:48 Like(0)

ts9102863781 101 #

Perfection is something done through hardwork and dedication, an example of my experience when I seek for my goal in life which is to create a version of myself that everyone can be satisfied
2021-9-24 03:21 Like(0)

ts3331782755 100 #

i also brought and use T phone (camon 15). but its not good performing.

that'swhy i don't know the next phone are good or bad,

but i will sure try them because Tecno built quality or cameras look i mean external look is great but internal is not soo good.

but i think tecno is good company and its very fast running in every country to country....

and very soon tecno improve their faults.

2021-9-22 03:55 Like(0)

32112487 99 #

a person who refuses to accept any standard short of perfection.
2021-9-22 03:23 Like(0)

32112331 98 #

good morning
2021-9-22 03:03 Like(0)

32112331 97 #

hi beautiful
2021-9-22 03:03 Like(0)

ts502408234 96 #

the Tecno spark series is the definition of perfection
2021-9-22 02:50 Like(0)



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