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My side hustle

Activities  |  2021-9-5 01:57 025

My side hustle       It seems that I'm not alone in finding a side hustle to be a financial life Rafting the stormy seas of studenthood. The increase in living cost ranging from food stuff utility bills, school. Cost, materials to assignment and many others made me sat to have a rethink on how to foot the unending bills on my list despite the support from my parents which still was never enough as even the demands from my younger siblings were left pending           Getting into school as an undergraduate the realities of life began to dawn on me and I had to think  of ways to support myself             I started with helping out students in my department do their assignment  and in return get stipends  then I was connected to a lot of events were ushers and servers were needed this was of more advantage to me as events like weddings, ceremonies, burial occasions and other everyday were mostly held in benin on almost every weekend and I could at least start my week with the 2 to 5k I might have gathered during the weekend.      I started an this in my second year in the university, though I had always been a lover of the gym which had helped me develop most muscles and abbs within the years, I also took advantage that I got the looks of a "BOUNCER" and through the gym center where I work out here in school I got the opportunity to work as a bouncer at  events        Sincerely it hasn't been easy managing school activities with this work as most times it  clashes some of my school days starting from Thursday as I do interchange with days one of the work is not available. But then I bless God for the opportunity I got. Which has helped in 50% of my bills  here in school      Attached below are few of the pictures taken during the process of my work                                                        Agoreyo Jeremiah O      
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