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[Announcement] Celebration of Elite Heroes: Glitz and Glam from the HiOS Fans Cafe

HiOS  |  2021-9-6 09:07 TECNO KB8 51182

Hello T-Fans,
It was a success.
Yes! A very huge success.
The most anticipated HiOS Fan Cafe, the Xclusive HiOS Fan Event took place last weekend, on Saturday 4th of September and it was a great success.
As expected, our exclusive fans turned out for the event and we had intensive discourse about the many things we promised.
Very many remarkable HiOS experience on Phantom X has been really intriguing and from our fans feedback, we are assured that the journey is on the right part.
Here's a quick highlight of some of the reviews.

Phantom X is everything to me. with the many HiOS features on it, I don't even imagine going for
another brand in the far away future.

For me, it is the fast charging. I can plug my phone on low battery and in the next 20 minutes, I'm off
with a full charge.

One can say, TECNO is on the verge of competing with Tesla when it comes to fast charging. no brand can beat that.

Everything on Phantom X is extra ordinary but my favorite is the theft alert feature. even my wife can
not play hide and seek with my phone anymore.

Nothing beats the spy disappointment feature (Peek Proof). Neck throwers will have to throw more because HiOS has got my privacy covered.

The reviews can go on and on but as you already know, It really worth the accolades.
We also use the opportunity to present the winner of the HiOS X Challenge with the all bold Phantom X..
see pictures in slide.
The Event was a never before seen in the history of HiOS.
If the start can be this successful and educative, fun and notable, what do you think of more.
In nearest future, expect more of this engaging and connecting even with our amazing fans as HiOS do
not relent in rolling out powerful tools for the everyday needs.
We hope to see you in our next event and the pictures and videos above will tell the rest story.
Join this conversation in the comment section about your feel on the amazing work HiOS is doing on the
Phantom X.
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9219722196 6 #

2021-10-31 09:17 Like(0)

Abdulai Turay 5 #

it really interesting
2021-9-13 00:18 Like(0)

Francismary 4 #

It's the fast charging for me oooooo

I am amazed
2021-9-8 07:17 Like(0)

BasitHabib 3 #

wow awesome
2021-9-7 00:08 Like(0)

Satyavan 2 #

wow superb
2021-9-6 10:53 Like(1)

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