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What do you know about yourself?

Activities  |  2021-9-10 03:27 140293495

Hi T-Fans:
How do you define "yourself"? Do you really know yourself? Do you know your needs?

The person who pursues excellence must be a confident and hardworking person.

Pursue excellence and surpass yourself. Comment on the perception that you have of "yourself". We will select 3 lucky winners and send them a gift from www.tecnostopatnothing.com

Announce the first round of winners
ID:910395   USER NAME:31956250
ID:910271   USER NAME:arianna13
ID:910169   USER NAME:31952614
Please contact the local administrator for the above three winners. We will distribute the prizes in a centralized manner.

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ivyxx 118 #

I have a soft side and a badass side.
2021-9-24 06:54 Like(0)

Richest_DY 117 #

am cool gentle and hard working man
2021-9-24 06:51 Like(1)

01715630463 116 #

i am free mindful person and love to enjoy my life until last breath
2021-9-24 06:43 Like(0)

784915751 115 #

I am indispensable to the people I love. friends and family
2021-9-24 06:14 Like(0)

Junior bzz 114 #

I love Tecno phones they r like the best phones ever made... though I can't afford the one of my dream but I have hope the one day I will get that chance and leave my Camon CA6 to step up to a better phone 😔🤔
2021-9-22 12:50 Like(0)

ts2171464 113 #

Am good loving and very caring person. I love 💕 tecno spark and take good care of my tecno phone too.
2021-9-22 08:59 Like(0)

32112762 112 #

am brave
2021-9-22 04:03 Like(0)

32112487 111 #

I am simple and friendly , joker et,. Smiling even though there's a problem.
2021-9-22 03:23 Like(0)

ts973872287 110 #

I love my lifestyle and I believe that one day everything will be OK❤ thank you TECNO
2021-9-22 03:09 Like(0)

32073624 109 #

my lovelife is so bad i met a girl in a bar that im working because im a dj in that bar we are happy together in a one year ralationship she is a bold dancer of course she was my girlfriend thats why i dont want her to dance in bold anymore but she wants to dance the reason is she said to she earn lots of money when she is dancing bold in the club im so angry to her thats why we are arguing that issue but one day that issue we are fighting for became larger one time im tired on my job im drunk w
2021-9-22 02:18 Like(1)



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