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What do you know about yourself?

Activities  |  2021-9-10 03:27 140293495

Hi T-Fans:
How do you define "yourself"? Do you really know yourself? Do you know your needs?

The person who pursues excellence must be a confident and hardworking person.

Pursue excellence and surpass yourself. Comment on the perception that you have of "yourself". We will select 3 lucky winners and send them a gift from www.tecnostopatnothing.com

Announce the first round of winners
ID:910395   USER NAME:31956250
ID:910271   USER NAME:arianna13
ID:910169   USER NAME:31952614
Please contact the local administrator for the above three winners. We will distribute the prizes in a centralized manner.

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32111875 108 #

I have TECNO SPARK 6 GO is in good condition and good mobile. i want a dream phone like POVA 2 or PHANTOM X phone
2021-9-22 02:16 Like(0)

32111798 107 #

I do want makes mi happy i never mind abt back ground noise 💪
2021-9-22 02:13 Like(0)

ts768940669 106 #

Camon 16s? my late mom told me that it's the best!
2021-9-22 02:11 Like(0)

32111553 105 #

2021-9-22 01:49 Like(0)

ts244290955 104 #

What about pouvoir 5 pro
2021-9-21 22:00 Like(0)

ts8132040069 103 #

industrious and determined
2021-9-21 15:57 Like(0)

ts32103542 102 #

2021-9-20 15:10 Like(0)

ts32099653 101 #

God fearing
2021-9-20 01:34 Like(1)

30462410 100 #

I was a kid who's always smile into people and inspires them, I am a cheerful kid and had the ability to sing, I just smile even though my life is hard cuz it made me realize that everyday is a gift and everyday is a new beginning and if your sad just take your time being alone and think hard to solve it, solve it now and don't make it tomorrow cuz it will only took you forever 😁❤️
2021-9-20 00:14 Like(1)

Daniel Cabaña 99 #

god plan alright 😉
2021-9-20 00:06 Like(1)



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