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Share your own story

Activities  |  2021-9-17 03:51 921447484

Hi T-Fans:
In pursuing your dreams and pursuing excellence, what is the story of the realization of your wishes?

This time, we will select 3 lucky winners in the district. Whoever has the most likes will be the one who has witnessed the success. Gifts from www.tecnostopatnothing.com. Besides, of the 3 selected winners, will win a TECNO phone.

Announce the second round of winners
ID:856137   USER NAME:joshuapercyID:915176   USER NAME:32031374
For the three winners: Please contact the local administrator. We will distribute the prizes in a centralized manner.

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967864458 840 #


Once upon a time, there lived a washerman in a village. He had a donkey by the name of Udhata. He used to carry loads of clothes to the river bank and back home everyday.

The donkey was not satisfied with the food, that was given to him by his master to eat. So he wandered into the nearby fields stealthily and ate the crops growing there.

Once, the donkey, while wandering around, happened to meet a fox. Soon, both of them became friends and began to wander togethe
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eda_dammzy 839 #

So at the very start of my life, I enjoyed doing alot of things, things I enjoy and feel comfortable while doing them, these are things that brings joy, happiness and alot if satisfaction to my heart while and after I've done them, you might be wondering what I'm talking about, well what I enjoy is football, I don't know how or why I enjoy it but there's always this thing in me telling me to kick the ball, the way I control the ball with my feet made me realize how talented I am in football so I thought of going fully into football but it wasn't an easy journey, so I decided start training on my skill so I could improve on my skill sometimes I get home late from training to meet my angry and worried parents, they once told me to stop going to training because they don't want me coming home late and sometimes I leave all my house chores to play football which lands me in much trouble, I pleaded and after weeks of missing training and my parents how my mood changed they allowed me to continue training but this time I must get home before 7pm and must also do all my chores before i play football, the biggest challenge I had was lack of funds I felt it was time for me to apply into a football academy it was hard getting the funds I need for this to come true, i had to wash cars at a car wash and help in building construction just to get funds and thanks to his glory I made it into the academy and I hope that one day I will be on global TV showing my skill to the world.My story shows through hard time we should never look and what we are going through but the reward at the end of our struggle it is just like a train in a tunnel with the light at the end of the tunnel.. This is my story
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08100161487 838 #

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where can I find a techno spark 6 gun phone case
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03468136508 836 #

i am hapy to use pova 2
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07032476700 835 #

I'm always happy cos am using Tecno Pop 3
I really love Tecno products it remains the best..
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Aires Cezar 834 #

Im happy when my father buy a tecno spark 6 go because after a year finally i got my own phone . This brand is highly recommended because even if a low price super fast and fast charging good for online class and to online selling and also have a good quality of camera .  I HOPE I AM ONE OF THE WINNER BECAUSE MY PHONE IS ALMOST 2 yrs and 8 months and no storage yet for my online class and as a student its verry hard to get a new phone because my father is only carpenter and my mother was die.
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03468136508 833 #

so good mobil pova 2
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Barekese Mmrante Hene 832 #

All my life I wanted to be in the media. When I was kid I used watch TV watch and mimick the news telecasters and I loved that it was my dream to become one whether on TV or on the radio. Its been my passion since day one and I always tell my dad that it was the job for me but things didn't go as planned as my dad  parted way with my mom and  had to live with grandma. I  stopped school at a certain point but I have still not given up and doing everything possible to achieve my dreams.
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9760907679 831 #

First I was hesitant to buy this TECNO phones until I saw one and carefully handed and clicking and clicking wow I cannot believe how amazing and the price is very affordable..
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