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You don’t need anybody to snap you. Just smile and let your camera do the thing!


Hello T-fans! 😅

If not always, taking pictures with your phone when you don’t have anyone to operate the camera can be stressful sometimes, unless you’re going to settle for some selfies. 😌

And if you’re someone like me, you probably have tried taking full pictures of yourself using the 3 seconds Timer feature in your camera app. Trust me, running back and forth to click the shutter and getting set for a perfect shot is more stressful. 🏃‍♀️📸🏃‍♀️

But what if you could take pictures of yourself without anyone operating the camera, or using a timer? Wouldn’t you like to just look at the camera and get yourself photographed? 😅☺️😀 If yes, the Smile Shot feature on HiOS 7.6 is for you.

Whether you’ve got the TECNO SPARK 7P, any CAMON 17 series phones, the extraordinary PHANTOM X, or any other TECNO phone running HiOS 7.6, you probably have encountered the Smile Shot feature in the Camera app settings. As it’s described there, “Smile Shot auto-capture when smile is detected” on your face.

However, you might not have been using it to the fullest. Don’t you think so? 😉 Keep calm as I share with you my simple trick for snapping beautiful pictures of myself when no one is around to hold the camera.


😊 First, you need to enable Smile Shot in your camera app:

📸 Launch the Camera app

😁Tap the Settings icon in the top left

😅 Locate Smile Shot on the list, then enable it.

😂 Boom! It’s time to take some interesting shots!


😍 Next, it’s time to place your phone at a perfect angle, in such a way that the camera can capture you – use a tripod if you have one. But that shouldn’t be an excuse (I don’t have one too. 😂) Normally, I’d place my phone anywhere it can stand, usually at the corner of a window.🪟

📸🔊 Similarly, you want to ensure your camera makes a sound when a shot is captured. You can enable •Shutter Sound• in the camera settings and turn up the call volume. It’s even better if you have your earbuds connected to your ears. Enabling shutter sound alerts you when Smile Shot snaps you, as well as preparing you for the next posture.


When you’re done with that, it’s time to set your shooting mode. Smile Shot works in the normal AI CAM mode, Beauty mode, and Portrait mode. It also works when filters or HDR mode is active. So, ensure you’re using the perfect camera mode to get perfect shots.

😍 Finally, it’s time to get yourself in the frame and let Smile Shot do its thing. Every beautiful smile on your face generates a photograph. Once you hear the camera sound, make the next pose, then keep going till you’re satisfied. ☺️ Meanwhile, shots may be delayed sometimes, just move your body to get on track again.


That’s pretty much everything you need to know about getting perfect shots when there’s none to operate the camera. I’d also drop a video guide on how this works. Just tap my profile picture up there and view 🔗 (VIDEO) GET THE BESTSELF SHOTS WITH THIS TRICK!

Do you find this guide helpful? Kindly tap ♥️ or comment below, and follow me here to be the first to see my post on the |FOLLOW| page when next it drops.
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