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Version update reminder-

Moderator Apply  |  2021-9-23 22:20 8861085460

Hi T-Fans:
We are the Tecno Spot team and recently we got many feedbacks. For the purpose of improving your experience in our app, we updated and fixed a number of content and issues in the app, and have now released the latest version
to the  Google Play App Store.

If you are still using old version, please go to the Google Play and update it to the new version as soon as possible. We will not be operating the old version soon.  

Thank you for your constant support and company. I am looking forward to meeting you again in the new version.

Best regards,
Tecno Spot Team

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32124439 7 #

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32124420 6 #

best experience with #techno
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ts32124270 4 #

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Nene1048 3 #

Nice. kudos
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God loves me 2 #

done updating
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