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Share what you do with passion

Activities  |  2021-9-24 05:28 940432026

Hi T-Fans:
Have you worked hard for something that you are really passionate about?

This time, 3 lucky winners will be chosen from the comment section. You can comment several times to increase your chances of winning. We will be delivering gifts from www.tecnostopatnothing.com

Announce the thrid round of winners:
ID:890194   USER NAME:kiandotth
ID:886577   USER NAME:ts8124151570
ID:913054   USER NAME:ts0604427830

For the three winners: Please contact the local administrator. We will distribute the prizes in a centralized manner.

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32262187 902 #

l love gardening and reading different kind of books.
2021-11-29 16:03 Like(0)

pottery atallah 901 #

hi tecno
2021-11-28 07:13 Like(0)

3501855 900 #

winning is dreams
2021-11-27 11:52 Like(0)

P'hanfo 899 #

am a musician now coming up and I need support kindly tap on the link to stream my song https://audiomack.com/quabena-phanfo/song/time-will-tellmixed-by-commo please friends
2021-11-24 11:02 Like(0)

32510044 898 #

lm passionate about makeup l love it
2021-11-23 08:08 Like(0)

0633604922 897 #

i love the sport i find my self when i play a sport
2021-11-23 05:35 Like(0)

68060543 896 #

i like dealing with IT
2021-11-21 09:27 Like(0)

750776247 895 #

the needy shall one day have what they need as long as I get enough of what I can avail to them
2021-11-19 18:42 Like(0)

750776247 894 #

am passionate about teaching and preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ ,taking deliverance to the lost soul ..Jesus still heals and saves .nothing is impossible if you believe.
2021-11-19 18:41 Like(0)

Chyna Tv 893 #

I'm passionate about my YouTube channel. It's my baby.
2021-11-19 08:32 Like(0)



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