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Share what you do with passion

Activities  |  2021-9-24 05:28 866410996

Hi T-Fans:
Have you worked hard for something that you are really passionate about?

This time, 3 lucky winners will be chosen from the comment section. You can comment several times to increase your chances of winning. We will be delivering gifts from www.tecnostopatnothing.com

Announce the thrid round of winners:
ID:890194   USER NAME:kiandotth
ID:886577   USER NAME:ts8124151570
ID:913054   USER NAME:ts0604427830

For the three winners: Please contact the local administrator. We will distribute the prizes in a centralized manner.

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31461869 826 #

I'm currently taking a new creative approach, separate from my career path, I'm currently undertaking Journaling and short story writing. Totally finding it intriguing and challenging and I hope some day I'll have courage enough to put my work out there
2021-10-14 06:00 Like(1)

0718011745 825 #

am doing building  so  if you are in need of someone who can  do  for    you this kind of works bellow, floor tilling , wall building  any repairs around your house 🏠🏡  am very available for such kind of works   0718011745  Abraham Okello Oloo  is my name , thank you
2021-10-14 05:12 Like(0)

32161359 824 #

I'm gospel artist, I really love singing I do it with passion and I will keep doing it. In Christ alone
2021-10-13 03:40 Like(0)

Ksea Jagaban 823 #

I'm still a student,
I study with passion
2021-10-12 06:09 Like(0)

07063845020 822 #

I am a photographer/cenimatographer..I love it and I do it with so much passion..
when ever am on a shoot and the camera in my hand, I feel so much joy ..
And my client can feel it with interactions and flow ..this makes the shoot moves swiftly, beautiful and wonderful
2021-10-11 12:02 Like(0)

32203279 821 #

I do decor for events wit Passion
2021-10-11 06:10 Like(1)

8025357221 820 #

I do my official work with passion. proud to be an internal Auditor
2021-10-9 16:36 Like(1)

9094571349 819 #

i love to learn new thing. .. during college im using old laptop with 1gb ram and 36 rom . and even i have a very slow gadget and resources. i still manage to learn things and pass the college. i nothing now but soon . I believe ill be on the to.
2021-10-9 12:22 Like(1)

markas m 818 #

I love drawing am planning to pursue art as a career may you help me please
2021-10-9 11:34 Like(0)

0548063244 817 #

nothing else than football my♥️
2021-10-8 15:09 Like(0)



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