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Share what you do with passion

Activities  |  2021-9-24 05:28 860408298

Hi T-Fans:
Have you worked hard for something that you are really passionate about?

This time, 3 lucky winners will be chosen from the comment section. You can comment several times to increase your chances of winning. We will be delivering gifts from www.tecnostopatnothing.com

Announce the thrid round of winners:
ID:890194   USER NAME:kiandotth
ID:886577   USER NAME:ts8124151570
ID:913054   USER NAME:ts0604427830

For the three winners: Please contact the local administrator. We will distribute the prizes in a centralized manner.

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32159856 810 #

Greetings I have used many mobiles But I have not seen technology like this mobile and am using it very well, it is not giving any problem of any kind.
2021-10-8 03:23 Like(1)

32159856 809 #

mera WhatsApp number hai hai 0 3 55 80 800 80
2021-10-8 03:19 Like(0)

SammYung 808 #

Keeping fit is something I really love to do and would want to share. . Fitness is something I have come to realize anyone could afford at any location and any time.
Why I love fitness ? firstly I don't have to be rich to afford it, secondly fitness makes me feel rich as long as I'm healthy.. You should keep fit, everyone should .💯 Exercise at least twice in a week 💪
2021-10-8 03:09 Like(0)

08158189942 807 #

I love cooking, cooking is everything to me
2021-10-8 02:44 Like(0)

8164510676 806 #

Hey guys I've you heard about rabbit farming
rabbit are great animal which possesses 2nd class protein
if you want to know about rabbit you can call me on +2348164510676
and if you want to buy you can ask as well
2021-10-7 15:35 Like(1)

theIlluminatiam 805 #

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Melanin Andra 804 #

I am very passionate about fashion and modelling,I just love taking pictures, playing dress up having a memory of me, lol.
2021-10-6 02:02 Like(1)

803 #

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32204453 802 #

Praying and focusing on what will take me forward.
2021-10-5 10:06 Like(0)

07048067462 801 #

I love drawing, painting and being creative with colours. Telling my stories and that of others through my art
2021-10-5 08:15 Like(0)
  • 07048067462 : I chose Techno Spark Go 2020 mainly because of its camera quality and strong battery to enable me make memories

    2021-10-5 08:17



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