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2021 TECNO SPOT 1st International Photography Competition

Activities  |  2021-9-28 23:52 665591044

Hi T-Fans:
2021 TECNO SPOT 1st International Photography Competition

Entry form:
1. Vlgo/movie: record your story with video, the time limit is 4 minutes;
2. Night scene: the beauty of fishing rods;
3. Portrait: Discover the beauty of TA;
4. Landscape: Share the world you think is beautiful.

Participation time: September 28-November 28
Release results: December 13

Judges: AI experts

Entry requirements:
1. The entries must be original independent works completed by the participants by themselves, and the entries must not be plagiarized, copied, or counterfeited;
2. Both photos and videos are accepted, and there is no limit in the number of entries per participant;
3. Contribution requirements:
(1) Photos can be divided into color and black and white, and should use simple words to tell the story behind the work;
(2) The work must retain the photo shooting information (EXIF), mobile phone watermark, upload format is JPG, the short side of the photo should not be less than 1000 pixels, and the data volume of a single photo cannot be more than 20M;
(3) Entries must be taken by TECNO mobile phones, and the works taken by cameras of other mobile phones of other brands cannot be accepted;
(4) The participating videos works can be edited in a computer or mobile phone software, but the image material must be shot with a TECNO device, and the data volume of a single work cannot exceed 500M. Mp4 format is accepted;
(5) The participants must indicate their work information when submitting their submissions: the author of the work, the name of the work, the artistic conception, the location of the production, the model of the mobile phone, and the contact information.
(6) When the participant fills in information and submits entries, the participant should fully understand the content of the competition and promise to accept the constraints of the competition system;
(7) Entries must not contain advertising information or involve commercial activities.
If you enter a work photography contest, you submit the photographer and related entities, such as affiliates and institutions, free of copyright fees, sole perpetual rights, and can use the work for any purpose, including but not:
(8 Allow jobs (not including but not limited to media cooperation agencies and individuals) to share photography on social media.
(9) In connection with the photography contest, you can use your name, city, province and country of residence in promotional materials.
(10) Keep a digital copy of your work and archive it in the organizer’s photographic library. The organizer and related entities’ staff can obtain it through the organizer’s internal online photographic library.

Grand Prize: TECNO CAMON 17 Pro
First Prize:    TECNO SPARK 7 Pro
Second Prize: business laptop bag
Third Prize:  Smart watch
Lucky Award:  True Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Headset
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32163168 117 #

I really love Tecno product ❣️♥️ really one of the best
2021-9-29 10:09 Like(1)

32128386 114 #

tecno pop4
2021-9-29 08:41 Like(3)

Amos Gift 113 #

Wow nice one
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506401600 112 #

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963516589 110 #

I'm from Peru... can I participate?
2021-9-29 08:16 Like(0)

32162257 109 #

tenco spark4
2021-9-29 07:39 Like(0)

270266606928 108 #

we are we going to post
2021-9-29 07:28 Like(0)

brothrr 107 #

no way to uplaod the video
2021-9-29 06:54 Like(1)

30749047 106 #

tecno spark 7 is the best smart phone I have ever used, it has good characteristics which are it has enough space which enables me to store my school work and other things, it has a good camera and the system processes very well
2021-9-29 06:50 Like(0)

30749047 105 #

tecno spark 7p is the best smart phone I   have ever used, it has good fea
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