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What’s the most challenging thing you do

Activities  |  2021-9-30 04:04 1562274989

Hi T-Fans:
Share the most challenging thing you have ever done。

This time, 3 lucky winners will be chosen from the comment section. You can comment several times to increase your chances of winning. We will be delivering gifts from www.tecnostopatnothing.com.

Announce the fourth round of winners
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Other winners will be delivering gifts from tecnostopatnothing
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Abdulla al mamun 15 #

most challengeing is tecno user
2021-9-30 05:22 Like(1)

ts773562808 14 #

LIFE is about DECISIONS.Making a DECISION in LIFE is the most challenging thing.
2021-9-30 05:22 Like(1)

Msafing 13 #

Haw can make my phone speed
2021-9-30 05:19 Like(1)

32161109 12 #

the most challenging thing is when  convincing people to use Tecno. I find it challenging because some are rude, harsh and arrogant. so It is challenging at times
2021-9-30 05:19 Like(1)

Shirleey 11 #

2021-9-30 05:13 Like(1)

32113018 10 #

one thing I find challenging is trying out something different, fearing that something might go wrong but I have learned that in life we have to take risks and also try new things and learn from our mistakes
2021-9-30 05:12 Like(2)

32168355 9 #

having to accept that i was depressed in order to start my healing journey
2021-9-30 05:06 Like(1)

32168306 8 #

most challenging thing for me is seeking support on behalf of other women,
2021-9-30 05:01 Like(1)

32161625 7 #

Trying to play football like Ronaldo
2021-9-30 05:01 Like(1)

1845361622 6 #

Thank you very much Tecno spot @official for chosen me. i am very proud with Tecno spot official
2021-9-30 04:52 Like(2)



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