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Speak freely

Activities  |  2021-10-11 03:16 5504353697

Hi T-Fans:
In this issue, you can talk freely in www.tecnostopatnothing.com. This time, 3 lucky winners will be chosen from the comments section. You can comment several times to increase your chances of winning.
We will be delivering gifts from www.tecnostopatnothing.com.
There will be issued a super prize in the next week. Please share this event with your family and friends. Let’s look forward to the super prize together.

Announce the fifth round of winners:
ID:193613   USER NAME:Uc Best
ID:514840   USER NAME:Youngmoney
ID:924373   USER NAME:32111544
For the three winners: Please contact the local administrator. We will distribute the prizes in a centralized manner.

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dkdk 5447 #

2022-1-10 02:56 Like(0)

Icantfindanickname 5446 #

Where could I find the saved game data?
I can't see or modify a game data because it was hidden or it's only happening on android 11 phones.
I'm using a Tecno Pova before and I upgraded to Pova 2.
I could modify a saved game data on my Tecno Pova before but now it was hidden.
hope you could do something about this.
2022-1-9 11:08 Like(1)

8744990937 5445 #

my phone  has loss the sound within 3 months (techno pova 2 )
2022-1-9 00:40 Like(1)

*******720 5444 #

1 year on using my Tecno Pova LD7 and still hoping for Android 11 system update. 😅
2022-1-7 01:51 Like(1)

32580485 5443 #

does tecno camon 16 will have a android 11 update, will it also have the new memory fusion  feature? because when I play COD, framedrops occur and when I check the available RAM, 3gb and below is only available.
2022-1-6 23:11 Like(0)

32782785 5442 #

I have battery draining issue Tecno camon 16 SE
2022-1-6 13:18 Like(1)

0651009266 5441 #

Tecno 5 it's the best
2022-1-6 07:59 Like(0)

32780207 5440 #

Hi.The Camon 12 has decent hardware to run an updated android version. please consider upgrading the software package. It is disappointing when you support a brand and they discontinue support for the technology you have purchased.
2022-1-6 07:41 Like(0)

David Raymond James 5439 #

Tecno rocks
2022-1-3 07:31 Like(1)

David Raymond James 5438 #

my spark 4 has stopped receiving system update is this okay
2022-1-3 07:30 Like(0)



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