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The time to change your life is coming……

Activities  |  2021-10-22 04:26 250133251

Is a major opportunity that is about to happen in the T-Spot app, and it will make some changes and help you solve some problems in your life.

Hurry up and introduce T-Spot to your family and friends. Let’s look forward to it happening together...…
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32330596 151 #

i love my Tecno Pop 5
2021-11-3 02:03 Like(0)

079760043 150 #

I love my tecno K7 and it works perfectly
2021-11-2 19:02 Like(0)

Viraumae25 149 #

The most challenging thing i did in my life is being a mother of my 4 daughters. There are many ups and downs but Im proud to say that i still stand firm and moved on. Being a mom is a very crucial thing for me especially as they grow older because you need to be there in every steps of the way in order for your daughters or children to be guided carefully.You need to guide them emotionally, for them to know what is good and what is bad for them. So, that is the most challenging thing I did in m
2021-11-2 11:32 Like(0)

279220959583 148 #

Tecno is best ever
2021-11-2 09:23 Like(0)

09038661061 147 #

My own it's know Tecno know phone 📱 Tecno is my number One Phone
2021-11-2 06:36 Like(1)

32376375 146 #

Hi guys
2021-11-1 17:11 Like(1)

32345598 145 #

My Tecno Spark 6 is best of best
2021-11-1 07:50 Like(1)

763678789 144 #

Hello ! I like my tecno Pop 4
2021-11-1 06:57 Like(1)

32372230 143 #

my tecno sparkGo2020 is everything i love it,  everything works perfectly👏😍
2021-11-1 03:47 Like(2)

9666475027 142 #

this is my first time phone and I really love this very much,....
2021-11-1 02:33 Like(1)



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