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[HiOS Latest] WATCH VIDEO: Goodbye to missing appointments and special dates- Introducing Smart Scene on HiOS 8.0

HiOS  |  2021-10-25 12:31 91042

What is cool?
When there is someone who never forgets important dates in life, he makes all things cool.
But in this case, it is not someone. To get a personal assistant could be very expensive. The HiOS team explored ahead and solve this question- Why not create an assistant?
Oh Yes! This Artificial Intelligence powered feature on HiOS 8.0 will remember every appointment you set and will remind you at the right time.
It is smart, accurate and time-perfect.
The experience of HiOS smart scene is a whole new innovation that every smart technology user must have.
With this, you've got zero worries on your special moments and meetings.
Meet HiOS 8.0 Smart Scene.

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32308014 7 #

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32308014 6 #

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01877622506 5 #

tana settings
2021-11-2 14:19 Like(0)

Zina 4 #

HiOS 8.0 Best Ever
2021-10-26 04:34 Like(2)

32316319 3 #

Tecno all the way. Enjoying my Spark 7 PRO.
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31927749 2 #

i love tecno phones so much, even right now my phone is a tecno phone, I'm using camon 17, and i enjoy it so much.
2021-10-25 16:06 Like(2)

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