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[HiOS Latest] Security Assured: what you must know about the new HiOS 8.0 Security Features on CAMON 18

HiOS  |  2021-10-26 01:30 6784

Hello T-fans,

The all new HiOS 8.0 is designed with advanced security shield for our users.
Enabled by new technologies that are private by design, the Za-Hooc security solution delivers a high level of security, protecting sensitive information from being leaked and keeps your data under wraps.
security 1200.png

HiOS 8.0 is all inspired from nature and so is the security.
This protection comes in multiple layers. Delivering safety improvement at a high standard. HiOS 8.0 enables a super popular feature from our last update. And that is Za-Hooc Security Solution 2.0.

By relying on leading data security capabilities and privacy protection technology, HiOS 8.0 build a strong and safe privacy ecosystem that comprehensively protect users' privacy and security, and help developers realize security protection for the entire life cycle of data.
This security solutions features many aspect of safeguarding and ensuring user privacy. For example, you can prevent someone from spying your screen with Peek Proof.

The Peek Proof gives you the ability to dim part of your screen while reading or glancing through chats and messages. Only the part your eyes are focused on will be visible and a spy will find a hard time looking at the screen of your phone as every other part will be dark.
Also, there is a  Vault. Inside the AI Gallery tools, this powerful feature can prevent your information from being leaked by encrypting your data. It locks and hide private information that you want to keep private using your setup passcode. Nobody can access these informations except the passcode is handed over to them.

It could be you use public charging center to charge you device, or you attend public gatherings and keep the phone on charge. Someone can queitly pick it and go away with it. This time, HiOS 8.0 has gone further to build in what is known as Anti-theft function.
This function kicks in should your device fall into an unknown hand. It alerts and remotely locks the device. Only you can unlock your smartphone, giving you the confidence and guarantee in the security of your personal and sensitive information.

HiOS 8.0 further envelopes you with a sense of security by giving you more granular control over app permissions to help better manage how and when apps access your information. You can easily manage which app you allow to access your location, camera and data.

With the new Privacy Dashboard you get a birds-eye view of which information apps have access to. When you open it up, you’ll see a summary dashboard that shows you an overview of how many apps accessed your location, camera, and microphone in the past 24 hours so you can then take charge of the situation.
Within the new Privacy Dashboard, you will get to access an option to tweak app permissions. You’ll see a Manage Permissions setting on the timeline view page from where you’ll be able to revoke a particular permission from an app.

This power-packed features on HiOS 8.0 is a definite secured solution on Camon 18.
How many of this awesome features have you tried out?
Share with us in the comment section below.

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Viraumae25 6 #

your the best techno! continue being the best...
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31867314 5 #

my spark 6 air. is only hios 7... please tecno update all phones to hios 8... don't make us disappointed otherwise you will be a such disappointment
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ts32291729 4 #

this fetures is helpful to me thank you tecno for the security of my phone😘😘😀😀
2021-10-26 08:15 Like(0)

Zina 3 #

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32062379 2 #

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