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[HiOS Latest] Turn that your favorite moment shots to video - HiOS 8.0 Film Album & Visha Player

HiOS  |  2021-10-26 12:38 94745

At that moment where you gathered together as family, friends to share special dates and time.
That beautiful shots of yourselves and the delicious meals that was taken.
The smile on everyone's face, the hugs and exchange of warm embrace.
The amazing shot of nature while on transit home and the pets you captured and stare at all night, feeling the times and moments spent with family and friend.
How amazing it is to have this loving memories turn to videos that play with coolness and gentle follow-up music that stares the heart to deeper love and embrace.
HiOS 8.0 offers you the ability to select this special shots and capture into stream-vibe videos right from the AI Gallery using the Pic Film.
The Visha player with an HD stream ability to view this moments and share with your loved ones.

You got to give this a try.

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08037274107 6 #

I need the latest version of TECNO POVA SMART PHONE
2021-10-29 01:55 Like(0)
  • Techy Tecno : https://youtube.com/c/TechnologyInformationbyNamanSharma subscribe for latest updates

    2021-11-5 02:21

greatoladapo 5 #

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08039883515 4 #

when are we getting this update Hios 8.0 in our camon 17p android 11 please? I have really waited I love the update
2021-10-27 08:18 Like(1)
  • Techy Tecno : can you help me if you are using tecno camon 17

    2021-11-5 02:22

  • Techy Tecno : https://youtube.com/c/TechnologyInformationbyNamanSharma

    2021-11-5 02:21

31867314 3 #

please tecno. Give Android system update to your all tecno phones... such a shame and disappointment.
2021-10-27 07:43 Like(1)

32342163 2 #

am in uganda..I want a job of working with technology
2021-10-27 02:58 Like(0)
  • 32305948 : 08072249759 am a musical I need help of capital to wipe my albums

    2021-10-27 04:17

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