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Covid19  |  2021-10-30 19:33 TECNO B1g 0192

Corona Virus, as we know it, has dampened a lot of activities. Various parts of our lives have been affected, including our academics.
   The launching of virtual classes is one of the ways COVID-19 has made its mark in the world of education. Students have been forced to learn from home, through Zoom classes and other forms of social media. Why? This is done in an effort to curb the spread of the virus and prevent an epidemic.
  Also, network and connection serve as a hindrance to classes, not to talk of the huge amount of data being consumed by the minute.  Learning from home also has a way of making students become laid back, as they tend to become too comfortable with their surroundings, or get carried away with social media instead of studying.
   These are a few ways in which COVID-19 has affected us. We hope that one day, things would turn around for the good and betterment of us all.
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