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[HiOS Latest] What is Always On Display (AOD) and How to Use it on Camon 18 - HiOS 8.0

HiOS  |  2021-11-1 07:16 136303

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Hello T-fans.

Can you explain the ultimate experience of having almost everything resolved without having you touch it directly or stress over it?
To simplify your task on daily basis and have every little information at your disposal while getting busy on other more important jobs, the design of HiOS 8.0 is delivered based on users’ needs; the best approach to contribute and improve the ease of living and working.

Introducing the Always on Display
To tackle the issues of pressing the wake button or double tapping to unlocking the screen with passcode, minimize apps you recently didn’t close just to access a quick information or date, HiOS 8.0 come with a more improved Always on Display (AOD).
The Always on Display is a feature on CAMON 18 which let you view the time, date, notifications, missed calls, and more when the screen is turned off.
The exciting part of this feature is- you don’t need to press or tap the phone screen before viewing this information.
As the name implies, it is Always on.

How does this Always on Display contribute to the ease of my work life?
Think of a time you have to input a date on a form after appending your signature.
Think of a moment you want to view what just popped up on your phone without having to turn the screen light on.
Think of the moment you simply want to view the content of a message and not reply to it.
What’s more? Trying to remember what date or day it is and you’ll have to press the wake button to view it.
The Always on Display is a stress taker. Saves a lot of time and inconvenience in viewing quick information and key notifications.
It takes away the stress of having to clean your hands of that dirt or food stain before checking out the time.
With this amazing feature, the phone screen has an active version of display, when it’s fully illuminated, and has an ambient one, when it’s slightly dimmed.

Should I worry about my battery life?
Won’t this Always on Display drain my battery power?
Absolutely NOT.
The feature was designed with advanced hardware that supports less power consumption.
The minimal power usage is as equivalent as your normal off-screen mode with a rate of 11% from the charge power.

How can I activate this feature on my CAMON 18?

To activate,
1.        Go to Settings
2.        Locate Display & Brightness
3.        Swipe to Always on Display and tap to turn it on
You can choose to turn it off anytime.

What do you think about this feature?
Let us know in the comment section below.

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Jovy Dacara 12 #

how to update
2021-11-19 22:22 Like(0)

32034395 11 #

wow nice phone. I want this...
2021-11-9 06:34 Like(0)

7061087500 10 #

Wow! That's very good 👍 of you..
2021-11-5 22:25 Like(0)

32390286 9 #

but gannon tecno upgrade nalang ng upgrade di matapos tapos hindi ako makapag online class ng maayos 🥺🥺
2021-11-3 22:17 Like(0)

Viraumae25 8 #

continue changing lives techno ur the best! please techno pova we needed you so much for school.
2021-11-3 08:00 Like(0)

kauka dancer 7 #

2021-11-2 07:40 Like(1)

32378811 6 #

can I upgrade my android version on spark7?
2021-11-2 06:19 Like(1)

prowess9067 5 #

we need android os 12 and HiOS upgrade for Tecno Spark7
2021-11-2 03:22 Like(1)

kasun lakmal 4 #

Does this only come with the camon 18?
2021-11-1 12:57 Like(2)

God loves me 2 #

I love this feature and hopes it can display other apps notification
2021-11-1 09:41 Like(1)

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