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[HiOS Latest] Phishing App? Nowhere to Hide: New Way to Track Rogue Apps - Know more!

HiOS  |  2021-11-3 10:53 97978

Hello T-Fans,
There is a very important update on HiOS 8.0 you must know about. Use it and take absolute control over how apps have access to information on your smart phone.
sec 1080.png
Ever had this thought about an app secretly accessing your phone data?
Maybe a non-verified APK downloaded from the internet, or a file sent to you from a friend that got you worried about privacy invasion.
The whereabout of this phishing apps could be hardly construed as you don’t know which app or what data they are copying and to where are they been sent to.

So, how can HiOS 8.0 relieve me of these worries?
HiOS 8.0 is a very powerful innovation with advance user privacy and data security.
Inside this new design is the Zahooc security solution 2.0 which enables User High-risk Privacy and Security Permission.
What this feature does is that, it allows you -the user to identify and manage all the apps on your phone and know the level of data each of this apps have access to on your smart phone.
The phishing or rogue software on your phone has nowhere to hide, security of every device access in the ecosystem is assured.
The security of every data storage, transmission and use is a key for user privacy.

What kind of apps can I manage on this permission dashboard?
On the permission dashboard, a user will get to see the list of what each apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Chrome etc have access to such as the Camera, Contacts, Messages, and so on.
A user has the right to prevent or deny any of this permission to such an app.
You will be able to see also, the level of data they consume per day and take control of how they should.
A full record on daily basis of what part of information the app accessed on the phone will be displayed on the dashboard.

How to access this feature on Camon 18.
1. Launch Settings
2. Locate Security and access your dashboard

Do you think this is a feature you’ll love to use?
Let us know in the comment section below.

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32446740 10 #

hi guz am loking the updates links plz help,tecno spark pro 5
2021-11-13 04:50 Like(1)

Adeel tahir 9 #

when update of pova is coming of android and hios.
2021-11-10 05:55 Like(0)

ts8150606605 8 #

I updated my iOS and the next thing the app automatically got removed from my phone, what happened
2021-11-9 06:50 Like(0)

32410743 7 #

my fone has battery problem.  I can't only use it on charger the fone is k9. it is dead. where and how can I find another
2021-11-7 06:38 Like(0)

ts32400135 6 #

2021-11-5 12:25 Like(0)

32391405 5 #

my phone is very slow, battery drain fast, my data doesn't last and my phone sometimes goes off
2021-11-4 04:11 Like(0)

SA'ID 4 #

please why my data isn't longer lasting again immediately i buy data it will finish so fast
2021-11-4 03:55 Like(0)

8060082441 3 #

am using camon 17 I'll love to have it
2021-11-4 03:40 Like(0)

God loves me 2 #

yes I will love to use it
2021-11-3 12:04 Like(0)

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