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Activity: Tell us a story you wish to share and we’ve got Pic Film to create it for you

HiOS  |  2021-11-4 12:55 196528

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Hello T-Fans,
How much do you love telling stories?
How very much does converting your pictures into video got you excited to share on your whatsapp and social media status?

Throwback memories. Beautiful birthday moments. Family holidays. School and group gatherings.
You could be a cake decorator, a fashion designer, an engineer, an artist, and many more things you’ve created and wish to have it on stream for family and friends to watch.
The intriguing part is to have a harmonious sound in the background playing that spring joy and motivation.

Do you have any of these special moments you wish to share?

Any creative video idea or stories you wish to create and see your own cinematic video been watched by others?
Share with us and guess what, your story might be heard worldwide.

Drop in the comment section below and let's see how your story could change the world.

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I contested in a Mandarin singing competition in my country despite having zero talent in singing 😄. That was the very first time to sing or hold a mic 🎤. Mandarin is a foreign language I LOVE 💕. I used to teach myself from youtube, chinese language influencers, and google translator. I sang Pengyou by Emil chau for the preliminaries & I went through 🎉🎉.Then I did a rap for the finals of Dui bu qi wo de Zhōngwén bu hao ( song by Transition band). I wowed the judges & I won third position.
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In early 2020, I attended a chinese New year celebration in my country, Uganda. I had so much fun taking pictures, but one chinese guy in particular caught my attention 🙈🙈 . I walked up to him and politely asked for a selfie. Guess what !!! he didn't understand English neither did I understand Mandarin 😭.. he used hand gestures to signal to me that he didn't understand what I Said. So I used Google translator on my phone and showed him, he smiled and agreed to my request & we took a selfie 😂
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Pung1 15 #

my wish, to see my small business grow.  Cape Town , South Africa. simplified solar solutions. renewable energy sorces  thanks.
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32497014 14 #

love you
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32420990 13 #

I wish to have any techno phone for my children because I'm far from them.. I just wanted to get communicate to them every single day
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32400719 12 #

I wish I could own a phantom x from tecno I just go crazy abt that phone
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32413390 11 #

wishing to win
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HiOS Official Account Author10 #

A beautiful land Dubai is.
Your dreams will come true someday and Pic Film is always there to document this for you
32398041 published in 2021-11-5 05:52
how i wish i cud go to dubai ..
that wud bey happiest moment
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  • amru : https://spot.tecno.com/global/home/home.html

    2021-11-7 08:52

HiOS Official Account Author9 #

Wow- tears drop and smile follows.
We rejoice with you Dear Barekese.
We trust you create this special memories and show him when he grow up using our Pic Film
Barekese Mmrante Hene published in 2021-11-5 02:53
My story is about my first child the day he came into this. It was a memorable one after several mis ...
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