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Tecno Spark 7P Update issues

Spark 7 Series  |  2021-11-5 05:03 7619

Since my phone got an update last week the network and battery has been acting up. It shows 4g but refuses to browse and when it does it's very slow though I have confirmed it's not from the sim or the network but the phone. then the battery gets consumed too quickly. a full charge usually lasts me a full day and maybe a half but now it barely reaches a day. Please fix
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7853bo64vlm 8 #

Please will I update my phone. Bcos whenever I'm trying to update it it's showing me *couldn't update Installation problem**
2023-2-5 06:16 Like(0)

ts7058786778 7 #

Since I updated my phone, the speakers have been acting up
2022-3-14 17:33 Like(0)

ts32798144 6 #

Wtf Tecno wtf... Can you guys pls stop with the frequent updates? My 4G is like 2G since the last update, before the last update most of Hotspot settings options disappeared... I can no longer add just a single user to share... If you can't create good updates why spoil what we are already enjoying.. Sadly I don't know how to reset my phone to how it was when I bought it. It was perfectly okay until the unnecessary updates
2022-1-8 21:59 Like(0)

ts8063154526 5 #

Something similar happen to me too, after i updated my spark 7p system upgrade, have been having issue with my network, i can only use the internet with 4g, but i can't do anything whenever it switch to 3g
2021-11-17 07:56 Like(0)

bryrøn 4 #

woo am lucky that my is still good 😌…
but i think we need an android 12 based on hios 8 System update
2021-11-8 08:31 Like(0)

32318699 3 #

for me am lucky the battery is strong and even browsing is first I love it so much
2021-11-5 05:41 Like(0)

ArrYorr Author2 #

The browsing just shows that up pointing arrow
2021-11-5 05:05 Like(0)



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