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Become a pro video creator with just a few click – HiOS 8.0

HiOS  |  2021-11-5 09:37 01289

Hello T-Fans,
These days, you don’t need a degree in filmmaking to create great videos.
The smartphone has made it possible with various features to make awesome animated and musical slideshows or video/photo mashups with special frames, filters, titles and more!
It is no news that video contents have taken over almost 90 percent of what pops up on the news feed, stories and status on social media.
Many big tech companies are building stronger short video feed on their app to keep the inflow of videos closer, appealing and accessible to their users- this includes, Facebook story, Instagram Reels, YouTube short, WhatsApp status and many others.

Experience a new creative feature on HiOS 8.0
With the amazing super creator tool on HiOS 8.0 running on CAMON 18, you are promoted from a novice to a Pro.
This magical, ultra-simple, yet user friendly feature does all the work for you in just few minutes.
PIC Film automatically creates a professional-looking film from multiple images.
The feature uses technology that analyses, cuts and edits together the best bits of your videos. This is a great tool for creating quick and easy photo and video montages.
PIC film also lets you film up to 1-minute sequence to create a single video with cinematic effects.
Not just that, you can play around by adding random filters and music all in the tools without downloading anything.

Who is this feature made for?
For you. Yes, the creator.
Everyone enjoys watching videos online. Many goes the extra mile to pay creators to design short videos for them maybe to wish their loved ones a happy birthday, or a shout out to a graduate. A celebration of life or as an invitation to weddings and proposals.
People love to see their photos sliding on social media with stunning effects and filters.
Business guys and ladies would love to have their products promoted on Instagram using quality videos.
Designers and Bakers would create stunning transitions of their works to showcase and get customers. The list goes on and on.
Yes, this feature is for everyone. You are a creator in that little circle you find yourself.

How to use PIC Film on CAMON 18
First, Locate the PIC Film.
You can locate this feature in the AI Gallery tool tap or simply turn on your camera and select Film Album from the drop down
Start by selecting your photos or you can do a live video recording using selected templates.
Select your preferred template, add titles and filters- and that is all.
You can begin to share and post on your social media platforms or save in your gallery to stream anytime.

Do you think you have a story or moment to turn into a video?
Partake in our activity post and let us hear your story- what you would love to create using the link below

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