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[HiOS Latest] Where is the New Notification & Control Centre on CAMON 18 – HiOS 8.0

HiOS  |  2021-11-11 04:01 196978

Hello T-Fans,

Beep, Beep! rings Jay’s phone as he ran from the bedroom to the living room where he left his phone on charge waiting for a response email on his application to study abroad.
Jay, very anxious, quickly picked up the phone to check the notification that just made the phone beep but was disappointed as he could not easily see it as a result of older notifications and many control icons he had to scroll past before viewing what just came in.

Jay was dissatisfied already- and to make his situations more saddened, was the rejection of his study application.
Jay got frustrated, smash the phone on the ground and he never use the phone again.

This is a similar situation for many smartphone users- in some cases, it may not be a negative email. Maybe an OTP for a quick transaction, or bank credit alert and many more. But, the frustration of having to scroll through the various notifications and control before accessing a quick information is disheartening.

It takes several swipes to close other unimportant logs of information just to glance the important message.
This pain point is what drew the inspiration behind the design of HiOS 8.0- look into the heart of the user and remove frustrations; making the experience of using a smart phone simple, smooth and quick.

How does HiOS 8.0 makes this experience simple, smooth and quick?
Introducing the all-new Notification and Control Centre.
HiOS 8.0 design comes with a new Notification Centre separately from the Control Centre yet with the same process and ease.
With this powerful upgrade running on CAMON 18, the Notification Centre and the Control Centre are separated into the 2 sides of the screen.

A swipe down from the left will pull out the Notification Centre, while a swipe down from the right will pull out the Control Centre as seen in the banner displayed above.
That is not all.
The Notifications are now automatically arranged in timed order whereby, new notifications stay on top while older ones are below.
With this improvement, just as in Jay’s situation, a user no longer needs to scroll past many icons and notification before accessing that new info that came in.

The divided Centers gives a user a sense of smartness. Digital experience should be a feeling of ease- available at the finger tap.
Smooth, Quick and Easy Experience is what HiOS 8.0 brings in this journey of Digital Smartness and Experience.
The Control Centre gives a user a new view of smart icons and customizable shortcuts – carefully designed tools for a user to easily access and take control of any top features on the phone without having to visit the admin setting page all at the swipe of a finger.

TECNO CAMON 18 is a device you must own. The feel of ecosystem technology HiOS introduced on it is extraordinary.

Let us know your opinion on this amazing improvement in the comment section below.

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hhhhh 20 #

2021-12-1 22:43 Like(0)

Tecno user 19 #

wow ... I need this update too ....I love TECNO 👌 my phone model: {TECNO CAMON i4 CB7}
2021-12-1 10:50 Like(1)

prowess9067 18 #

we are expecting it on Tecno spark7 p
2021-11-23 05:21 Like(0)

32503861 17 #

2021-11-22 09:53 Like(0)

32503861 16 #

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32503443 15 #

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08081203555 14 #

wow 😲😲
2021-11-16 08:37 Like(1)

32450846 13 #

love it
2021-11-13 19:23 Like(1)

Hoilakes 12 #

I love the new interface 🥰
2021-11-13 13:39 Like(1)

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