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[Announcement] HOT GIST- The HiOS 2nd FANCAFE is Coming to a City Near You - Guess which City

HiOS  |  2021-11-11 04:22 71447


Hello T-Fans,
HiOS previously hosted a very successful FANCAFE event in Nigeria for the Elite fans and top-makers of different industry.
This season, the VAN is relocating to another country.

The FANCAFE as you already know, is a gathering of experts and notable fans accross different sectors of work dining with the HiOS Team.
The amazing session feature series of interaction, discussions on tech and the smartphone. Fun time with HiOS features and surveys from this experts.
Lot's of fun, entertainment and knowledge driven event that sparks productive contribution among the elites and the HiOS team member.
This Edition is promised to give more and insightful gathering of elites.
You are an Elite. Get ready for this season and you could be among the participants.

What's your guess? Which country do you think HiOS FANCAFE is happening this time around?
Here's a Hint- It is an African Country.

Drop your comments in the section below and let's see the elite fans with high IQ.
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come to Uganda too
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hi po🙏
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