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T-SPOT Internet celebrity recruitment plan!

Moderator Apply  |  2021-11-15 05:24 378437461

Hi T-Fans:
T-Spot influencers to be announced soon!


Do you want to become an internet influencer?
Do you want extra income?

T-SPOT will open a new model. As long as you can manage your T-SPOT account carefully, you are likely to become an Internet celebrity, which will bring you more gains in the future, which is likely to change your life. Let you have your own fans like a star and become the protagonist. With immediate effect, T-SPOT will start the recruitment plan.

T-SPOT will recruit among its users, so if you would like to participate and haven’t registered yet in T-SPOT. Hurry up!

Operating account requirements:
1. Starting from today, must have an active role and participation in your T-SPOT account, by sharing and creating interesting content so that you can start getting more fans and increase your chances to be selected.
2.Share daily life, such as clothes matching, makeup tips, fitness tips, food making, baby tips, etc., you can post or take a video;
3.Maintain and manage fans to create the influence of T-SPOT APP;
4. The posted post/video must be original and not plagiarized.

How we will choose the winner?
To become the T-SPOT influencer, you need to work in increasing your fans number. We will choose the users that its quantity of fans reaches the Top 3. The Top 3, will become the next internet influencers and will have the chance to work with T-SPOT and get extra income.

T-Fans, come and join us~ Let yourself have a different life!!!

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let's get it done
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