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Hello everyone,I am Ogundeyi Elizabeth,this is my article on the usefullness of the smartphones to students.

The smartphone is used by over 80 percent of students in the country,and it serves as a mini computer which is mostly with them all day.

  Due to civilization and improvement of technology,the smartphone has lots of features which helps most students in their day to day activities and without the smartphone,they won't be able to achieve some of their aims.

The following are the usefullness of the smartphone for students

1. It serves as a source of income for most students through online marketing, digital marketing,and affliate marketing which the use of smartphone is important and inevitable.

2. Due to the recent covid cases,and in order to reduce the spread  of the  virus,most schools now option for the use of online classes in which most students need their smartphones.

3. There are certain apps on the phones e.g the to-do-list app,pdf reader,wps office and the notepad, which lots of students use in scheduling their day to day activities,and in documenting important informations using the notepad,also the pdf reader is used for readings notebooks which come in form of pdf,and most students can easily read using their smartphones.

4. The smartphone is also used by students in doing various types of assignments on the internet, making research and also taking online courses from universities in the country or outside the country.

5. The primary and most important use of smartphones by most students is in passing information and communication with each other using various messaging apps and the phone call app.

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