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[Discussion] Review of chapter 22 (Journey to the Centre of the World)

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In this chapter.

It was observed that Harry was reluctant about the whole journey and was trying to talk his Uncle out of the idea by making reference to some laws that could be an obstacle to Their journey. But it was clear that his Uncle's mind was made up. When it seems that his uncle has  all solution to all the obstacle, and considering his Uncle's temper he had to give in. His uncle, professor Von Hardwigg was described as someone that was domineering. If was noted from the beginning that, Harry was not as optimistic about the discovery as his Uncle. The professor's mind was set so Harry has to let go and continue the journey.

From the beginning of the book Harry had no interest in the expenditure but he had to support his uncle. We also notice professor Von Hardwigg's tendency to be forceful. In this chapter the professor tried to affirm his claim that the laws of physics had no effect underground while not trying to understand his nephew's worries. He also has the tendency to get obsessive to the extent that he doesn't listen to anyone's opinion. Harry knowing the kind of person he is had to hold his peace after a series of rebuttal and continue the journey

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