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The Rise of TECNO - How well do you know TECNO

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In response to technological advancement and growing needs of consumers, TECNO came as the Messiah to us Africa...
Just as a caring mother, TECNO led us into the world of smartphone..
In a time where other brands are killing us with price, Tecno came to our rescue... They gave us more at a lower price.... What other brands couldn't do...

TECNO is committed to offering satisfying mobile communications solutions to consumers.


Who is TECNO or what is TECNO?

TECNO Mobile, established in 2006 in Hong Kong, is the first mobile phone brand of Transsion Holdings, a high-tech enterprise that integrates research, development, manufacturing, sales and services of mobile communications products. The first factory was established in Shenzhen, China in 2007.

Tecno Mobile was founded as Tecno Telecom Limited by George Zho, but later changed its name to Transsion Holdings with Tecno Mobile serving as one of its subsidiaries.


George Zho was a former executive for Rockwell International in China before starting his own company. He was also associated with Cisco, Tecent, ZTE, and Google and was listed among China's under-30s businessmen in Forbes.


In 2007, Tecno created a second brand, Itel that sold in Africa and in May 2017, Itel was recognized as the "most student friendly brand".

In early 2008, Tecno focused entirely to Africa following market research, and by 2010, it was among the top three mobile phone brands in Africa.

The year of 2008 has witnessed a strategic shift of TECNO toward focusing on the African market and marked the beginning of TECNO branding.

TECNO planned and built an overseas management system to cover major markets in West Africa and East Africa, in an effort to providing customized products to local needs and better services to local consumers.

Inspired by consumer insights, TECNO created its first quad-SIM mobile phone “4 Runner”, which was a hit in Africa.

TECNO became No.1 dual-SIM mobile phone provider in major African markets where local offices had been established. It was named the “Most Customer Trusted Brand of the Year 2011/2012” at Ghana Customer Service Awards as part of the Ghana Customer Service Week, a global event celebrated in the first full week of October every year when customer-oriented organizations and institutions around the world recognize the importance of Customer Service Excellence.

Meanwhile, TECNO came up with the brand essence “Experience More”, encouraged researches in mobile technologies and fountained entertainment-centric devices, bringing forward a dynamic mobile entertainment life to consumers.

For TECNO, future growth is set to come from building its business outside Africa by tapping into other developing regions like the Middle East, East Europe, and Southeast Asia, but with Africa still a key focus.

The company might still be a new brand globally, however, the company took a different path to success from other top Chinese smartphone makers or international mobile brands. TECNO built its business in Africa and is focused on its growth in global emerging markets.

In response to technological advancement and growing needs of consumers, TECNO launched its first smartphone T1 and started integrated marketing communications for it in 2012.

Besides crafting high quality smartphones and bringing forward rich entertainments for consumers, TECNO set up the first exclusive store in Nigeria, where it showcased the latest creations and offered enhanced services for consumers.

TECNO Ghana was named “Phone Company of the Year” at Ghana Telecom Awards, which is designed to celebrate the continued growth and success of the ICT marketplace and focus on the exceptional and innovative performers within the industry.

TECNO’s annual sales volume reached approximately 20 million in 2012.

While maintaining stable growth in feature phone market, the brand soared in smartphone market, made a big breakthrough to be recognized globally and opened more than 860 stores in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Meanwhile, it expanded outside of Sub-Saharan Africa and prepared to develop Egypt market.

TECNO was named “Most Promising Brand” and “Top Emerging Brand” at Ghana Top Brands Awards.

Its flagship device Phantom A+ was awarded "The Most Popular Smartphone of The Year” by Mobile World in Ghana. TECNO was also named top 20 “Most Admired Brands in Africa” by African Business, the most influential business magazine in the continent.

Also in this year, TECNO was awarded the International Quality Crown Award in the Gold Category in London.

TECNO sales volume rose to No.1 in major African markets in 2015.

On the strength of persistent efforts and deep understandings of consumer needs, TECNO has made breakthroughs in R & D, design, manufacturing, sales and services. Meanwhile, it enhanced partnerships with top-tier companies in their respective fields. All of the factors combined to fuel its brand growth and market share.

TECNO Phantom Z was awarded “The Smartphone of The Year” at Ghana Telecom Awards.

A recent Counterpoint research reveals that TECNO was responsible for 18% of the total smartphone shipments in Africa in 2020.

The research firm attributes TECNO’s rise to a strong second half of the year and its affordable smartphone portfolio.

The brand has made a dent to some of the bigger smartphone names, making TECNO a challenger brand to watch out for.

In Ethiopia for example, Tecno became the first major phone brand in the country to offer a keyboard in Amharic, the country’s native script.
This has helped TECNO grow into one of the most admired smartphone brands in Africa, as well as an expert in providing industrial-leading technology and innovative devices designed for global users in emerging markets.

Wow!..... TECNO is a Brand that know what her customers want ..No wonder their growth is increasing drastically...

While prospering its business, TECNO takes an active role in contributing to the society. It cooperated with local charity organizations to provide scholarships for local students and donated to support governmental charity projects.

TECNO plays a crucial role post-pandemic.. TECNO gave back to communities. They implemented fast-response measures to support local communities.

TECNO partnered with governments in countries such as Nigeria, Thailand, Myanmar, and India, to provide medical support to local communities. Prior to the pandemic, they partnered with UNHCR to support its global education project, Educate A Child, to help improve the educational conditions of refugee children and enable them to get more opportunities for education.


TECNO is also the Official Partner of Manchester City, Premier League Champions 2020-21
TECNO announced their partnership with the Football Club in November 2016. As Partner of Manchester City Football Club, TECNO Mobile will work with the Club to grow it's strategic Marketing and advertising campaigns across the world, connecting with fans and customers.


Summary of some highlights in the growth of the Brand Tecno..

- In 2010,  the three mobile brands created by Tecno Mobile led the pack among smartphone consumers in Africa.

- In 2012, the first “Made in Ethopia” smartphone was conceptualized by Tecno Mobile.

- In 2015, Tecno Mobile attained top sales volume as main smartphone provider in Africa.

- In 2016, Tecno Mobile was recognized as “The Best Camera Smartphone In Africa”.

- In 2016, Tecno Mobile made a major push in India.

-Tecno Mobile India is headquartered in Noida, Uttar Pradesh

-In 2016, Tecno entered the Middle East mobile phone market.

- In 2017, Tecno successfully entered the Indian market, launching its ‘Made for India’ smartphones: the ‘i’ series - i5, i5 Pro, i3, i3 Pro and i7 etc ..

- 2017, Tecno  entered the Bangladesh and Nepal markets  and has started trial sales in Pakistan.

TECNO is really a saviour both in Technology and beyond.....It's a brand to reckoned with...


TECNO’s portfolio spans across smartphones, tablets, smart wearables and AIoT devices made for consumers in over 70 emerging markets world-wide.

Here are some of their top smartphones they have made over the years...

Phantom series
The Phantom devices have been in the market for long, which explains the reason we have many phantom devices dating back from the
Phantom A, A1, A2, A3,
Phantom Z,
Phantom pad mini,
Phantom pad,
Phantom 5,
Phantom 6,
Phantom 6 plus
Phantom 8
Phantom 9 and now the powerful Phantom X.

Camon Series
This series device is known for its camera strength, however, though this series is a camera focused devices it comes with a nicely crafted device with alluring specification yet staying true to their motto “think globally, act locally”

The series include  but not limited to
Camon 9
Coman X
Camon CX
Camon CX air
Camon 11, 11pro
Camon CM
Camon 12, 12pro, 12 air
Camon 15, 15pro, 15air, 15premier
Camon 16, 16pro, 16s, 16 premier
Camon 17, 17pro,
Camon 18, 18pro, 18 premier

Spark series

Sparkle up your smart life with the Tecno latest smartphone Series "The Spark." Tecno Spark series of smartphones are youth-focused entry-level devices with notably iconic and sleek body design. They come with basic and mid-range features to resonate with their moderate price tags. This series first device is the Tecno Spark K7 and k7 plus (Spark K9) device and its known as the student and youth phone. Later years tecno continue to upgrade this new series with new designs starting from Spark 2 and now spark 3 .

The series combines almost all the features of the other Tecno series. This includes a digital camera which is for the tecno Camon series, Battery which is for the PowerMax series and even a large screen and captivating design.
It's phone Include but not limited to

Spark k7
Spark k9
Spark pro
Spark 3, 3 pro
Spark 4, 4lite, 4air
Spark 5, 5 pro, 5 air
Spark 6, 6air
Spark 7, 7pro
Spark GO

Pova series

Born for better gaming experience. POVA supports Helio G80 octa-core processor and Hyper-Engine game technology, playing games now is an ultimately stable and smooth enjoyment.
Phones include
Pova 1
Pova 2

L- series

The L-series is known for its strong and long-lasting batteries .. Phones here include the
L9 Plus, L9, L8, L8 plus, L8 lite,
Pouvoir- pourvoir 1, pourvoir 2 air, pourvoir 2, 2pro,
Pourvoir 3, 3air, 3plus
Pourvoir 4 and 4pro.

Pop and W series.

In case you will love to buy a smartphone of great features and at the same time pocket-friendly, Tecno W and pop series are the phones for you.

The introduction of these low budget series into the mobile market has brought balance in the mobile market whereby it is said to be every man according to his pocket, however the fact that the series are  low budgeted devices does not make it a low-end device because they features the best of  the trending specification  in  the mobile world..
Phones include

Pop 1, 1pro, 1s, 1s pro,
Pop 2, 2pro, 2power, 2f, 2plus,
Pop 3, 3 plus,
Pop 4
Pop 5

W series
W3, 3LTE
W5, 5 lite

Some of Tecno notable phones are the Tecno P series and the H series ...

Tecno tablets
Some of Tecno tablets include
Phonepad 3, 7E,
Driopad 7C pro, 7D, 8D, 10 pro II, 10D, 7F
Winpad 2, 10

Tecno also have wearables and non smartphones...


Reasons I love the brand "TECNO"

They never gave up... They keep on pushing even though the competition in the market is high...
Over the years, they have improved in their devices and here are some area they've improve that I fell in love with...

1. User interface and experience.
Their HIOS UI comes with some Great features that gives the device astonishing look .

2. Fingerprint Scanner
Fingerprint scanner is the new trend... It provides extra security to the devices and Tecno did not fail to give it to us .

3. Great Battery.
One of the biggest problem we encounter as a student is power failure... We use our devices for lot of activities thereby requiring a good battery and TECNO did not fail in giving us phone with large battery capacity...

4. Good camera..
Tecno phones comes with good camera quality...

5. Sleek body design.

6. And lastly, their pricing has really become affordable that every Household in Nigeria have at least a smartphone...

Thanks to Tecno...

And oh, the support they provide for their community from calcare Tech support to charity and other their scholarship and the like is something other brand can't compete with ..
Tecno has really gotten to our heart in a good way... Much love to Tecno....


What I expect from the Brand...

Well, they actually tick almost all the points but I'll love If TECNO could provide OTA updates for their phones so that at least those that wish to upgrade their OS can upgrade to the latest version without buying a new device...

And also, I'll love if they can provide a cloud backup system for their phones just like most of their competitors are doing...
I think with that, they will do more than what they are already doing in the market...

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