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[Discussion] Review of Chapter 37 - Mysterious Dagger

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Mysterious Dagger

Harry and his uncle, The Professor had arrived at somewhere new. Somehow they had arrived at the Central Sea where "they were mute with astonishment, overcome by a kind of feeling which was next door to apathy". The new soil and aggregations of rock reminded Harry so much of Port Gretchen, a place they were familiar with, that he started to think they were actually there. He proclaimed his doubt to his uncle who suggested that they 'made their way back to the raft' but was at the same time skeptical.

There and then, in between their doubts, Harry found a dagger but it was something like they had never seen. Neither of them left with a dagger so they wondered how it got there. The properties of the dagger intrigued the Professor as it was 'made of excellent steel'. Hr suggested that it was of Spanish workmanship and was centuries old.

"But this poinard never got here itself. Someone therefore must have preceded us upon the shores of this extraordinary sea".

"Yes, a man".     And so the journey continues

A. S
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