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November monthly challenge

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A Journey To The Centre Of The Earth By Jules Verne.

Review of Chapter 21 - UNDER THE OCEAN

The following day was one that almost made them forget their earlier sufferings, as they were joyful at the sight of the running stream, they ate and drank to their fill they were reinvigorated to continue the journey under the leading his Uncle, Professor Von Hardwigg, with this new development Harry could have even kicked at the idea of going back to Sneffels.

On Thursday morning, they continued their descending march into the southwest part of the earth, causing his Uncle to stop at interval to consult his compass.
But despite their horizontal movement, the stream continued which made them feel little pain as regarding their sloppy movement.

On the tenth of July, they were surprised at the sight of a well, his Uncle was delighted at the scene of a staircase leading down the well. Their guide, Hans, did well to let go of the rope he has always had so as to avoid any mishap.
The well had a narrow opening with a spiral descent. Forcing them to conserve energy by resting their legs every fifteen minutes in which they ate and drank from the pleasantly warm running stream.

They followed the sloppy path lined out by the staircase for another two days which advanced their journey into the crust of earth. In all this, his Uncle never stopped to note the indications of the compass which he later entered in his detailed philosophical account of their journey. When he relayed his findings to Harry, an idea struck in him. He was of the opinion that if his calculations were correct, it meant we were no longer under Iceland. But he also came to accept the proposition that they might just be under the Atlantic Ocean depending on the strength of the granite over their heads. And further they journeyed into the abyss of the Earth.

On eighteenth of July, they got to a large cave, here his Uncle paid Hans his regular wages and he decided they should rest the next day.
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