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Summary of chapter 33

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After the writer was saved from drowning, it tookhim a few hours for him to recover from the shock. When he awoke the next day, his uncle asked if he slept well. The writer told him he slept well but was suffering from body aches. Having noticed the joyous mood the professor seems to be emitting, he then asked his uncle his reason for being in such a joyous mood. The uncle then told him that the reason behind his happiness that morning isbecause they have gotten to the port the have been eager to get to. Harry, seeing that the journey doesn't seem to have an end decided to ask his uncle if it was possible for them to retreat at that point. The uncle replied that once they have gotten to their final destination, they will figure out a way to go back. They made sure they already still had adequate food to sustain them throughout the journey. They also discovered that despite losing most of their weapons during the course of their journey, they still had their manometer, compass, chronometer and thermometers with them. All thanks to Hans the professors employee who also happened to be a hunter who has been safeguarding the instruments the whole time. After Hans was chosen to repair the raft, they decided to have breakfast. During their breakfast, they had a conversation where we discovered that when they arrived at a particular Harry's island, an island which was named by the professor himself, they had already travelled two hundred and seventy leagues of sea and about six hundred leagues from the Iceland. After trying to guess where they have reached but to no avail, they decided to make use of the compass by taking the bearings from their departure. But to the Professor's dismay he found out that due to the wind instead of making progress, the raft had carried hem back to the shore, they had left many days ago.
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