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[HiOS Latest] From Novice to Pro with HiOS 8.0 Video Editor on CAMON 18

HiOS  |  2021-11-22 09:51 124781

video edit 1080.png Hello T-Fans,
How many times have you watched a video and wished you are the creator?
The daily increase of digital content creators most especially in the story telling and videography has gone higher in recent times.
Most of the contents you see on your timelines and newsfeed are video contents in higher percentages.
Creativity among peers and individuals using the mobile camera to create stunning and informative videos is quite growing and thus, you will wonder what level of Video editing software you need to learn in order to create similar videos as you see.
The good news is that you don't need to learn any of these software to create stunning videos and tell your own story.

HiOS 8.0 on CAMON 18 introduces another powerful tool called the Video Editor.
With this Video Editor, you can capture interesting moments on the phone and turn these clips into cinematic movies that others will watch and wished to be the creator.
The Video Editor in it's powerful built, allows you to take clips from your gallery and merge two or more clips together.
This feature also allows you to filter and crop parts of the videos you shot and give it a beautiful and quality look.
Video Editor makes your work easy when editing your favorite videos giving you cinematic films effortlessly.
You now have access to a wide variety of templates and purposely composed music is available to guide you through every step of your way.

How to edit cinematic videos with ease on CAMON 18

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Please do not deprive us of the new update. We are fans of your devices and this is a special request.. We are waiting for your generosity by sending the HiOs 8 update. with all the respect and thank you..Techno Spark 5 Pro user .
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techno we support you and you have to support us too
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excellent I'll wanna some one
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good one
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