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Did you know- on HiOS 8.0 you can have more than one WhatsApp or Facebook?

HiOS  |  2021-11-22 10:23 156385

app twin 1080.jpg Hello T-Fans,
Here's a quick story for your reading pleasure.
Viniel and Gabby planned on a vacation trip after two (2) years of hard work due to high demand of service in the past business year.
Gabby is a smart guy and loves keeping things that way. His mobile device, his smart watch and his bag was portable, yet it can contain any thing he wants.
Viniel also is a smart lady. She is so keen in keeping things clean and separate as possible to not create confusion thus, she's mostly occupied with extra loads of bags when going to office and at home.

Viniel and Gabby agreed to go on this vacation to rest after a successful business year.
Gabby packed his vacation stuffs into a single backpack and took his mobile phone with him. He looked simple and free to move around.
Viniel also took her bag with an extra hand bag to keep her mobile phones inside.
Gabby stared at Viniel for a long time and asked. Why the extra bag?
Viniel replied. You know because of my many business pages on social media and various email account, I have to take all my mobile phones along.
Gabby took a deep sigh and pointed to his phone.
You see this, I have multiple accounts on this single phone. Two same Whatsapp, Facebook and others but on each, I have different phone number and different accounts logged in.
Viniel was surprised and couldn't believe what Gabby was saying. Tell me more she said.

Gabby: I got this phone ,TECNO CAMON 18 and it has HiOS 8.0 as its operating system.
They are alot of amazing features on this device but the one that interest me the most is APP TWIN feature.
Viniel: What is APP TWIN?
Gabby: Don't rush, let me tell you all about it.

The APP TWIN is a feature that gives me the ability to have the same app as double on my CAMON 18.
For example, I have 2 phone numbers and I am using both on WhatsApp.
Viniel: Do you mean, 1 number for Business WhatsApp and another for Normal WhatsApp?
Gabby: Not at all. Both number on what you just called Normal WhatsApp.
With the APP TWIN, I can duplicate my "Normal WhatsApp" into 2 and use different phone numbers.
Also goes with Facebook and Messenger.
I can use different accounts on each without having to switch from one account to another and guess what? They don't conflict with each other.

Viniel: Drops her bags saying--- this trip cannot hold without you first taking me to get this device. I am in love with this APP TWIN already.

Are you a Gabby or a Viniel?
Let's see who's the smart guy here in the comment section below.
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09035035769 13 #

Allow others the opportunity to feel it please, I'm using Camon 16
2022-1-27 18:52 Like(0)

Wesley Brown 12 #

what about tecno pova
2022-1-12 12:40 Like(0)

亗Legend亗Rena 11 #

2021-12-6 12:06 Like(0)

Tecno user 10 #

Please give that update (HiOS 8.0) on Tecno Camon i4 {CB7} 🥺
2021-12-1 10:47 Like(1)

31123629 9 #

Please do not deprive us of the new update. We are fans of your devices and this is a special request.. We are waiting for your generosity by sending the HiOs 8 update. with all the respect and thank you..Techno Spark 5 Pro user
2021-11-30 04:46 Like(0)

32484704 8 #

Great.. 👍
2021-11-27 20:49 Like(2)
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    2021-11-29 13:38

7 #

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32521119 6 #

clear papa
2021-11-25 06:41 Like(0)

09030330290 5 #

this is wonderful!
2021-11-24 07:35 Like(0)

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