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HiOS FANCAFE Season 3 is coming soon- where are we visiting next?😒

HiOS  |  2021-12-9 07:27 97007

Hello T-Fans, 1080-iw-x-662-h.png
We boarded the plane from Lagos, Nigeria.
The Lagos event was phenomena; remarkably, the most interesting and exclusive event held among the digital spaces in the whole of 2021 😍🙌.
We flew the plane past Nairobi- Oh! A rare city of beauty that cannot be overlooked. Thus, we landed and host the second phase of the Fans Cafe.
The Kenya edition could be referred to Ultra Fabulous. Fanstatic and dream-filled 👌. The humorous post and chants about the great Nairobi event was too awesome to the point that it becomes the number one item you'll see on any platform when you turn on your phone.
You think the plane has landed finally? No-- we move.

Now, HiOS FANS CAFE's plane is flying to a city new you.
The third phase of the event that its experience is yet to be defined by any english word in the existing dictionairies. Yes 😁.
You think you can guess which city?
Let's drop the intelligent cue in the comment section below.

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BND 8 #

Dakar city
2021-12-29 07:03 Like(0)

703341089 7 #

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32629489 6 #

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32627644 5 #

très bien
2021-12-13 07:29 Like(0)

32626359 4 #

hi there xi jing ping
2021-12-13 03:49 Like(0)

32615925 3 #

2021-12-11 04:42 Like(0)


Entebbe 🙈
2021-12-9 17:58 Like(0)

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