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Topic 7!Comment & Win: Share Your Stories and Win a Camon 18!

Activities  |  2021-12-17 01:59 1262539447

Hi T-Fans,
This event is jointly organized by T-SPOT and Boomplay.

From December 17th to 23rd, one topic will be posted each day, and all you need to do is to SHARE YOUR STORIES IN THE COMMENT SECTION!
1223 app.jpg

Active country:Kenya、Nigeria、Ghana、Tanzania

Dear T-Fans, you can click on the link to participate in the event

- In each country, there will be 1 winner who will receive the Camon 18.
- In order to win, users need to comment every day, and the one with the highest number of likes on all comments, will win the Camon 18.

17th - 23rd, December, 2021

Terms & Conditions
- Spam entries will be disqualified
- Winners will be announced before the 30th, December, 2021
- TSpot team reserves the final interpretation right of the campaign
- You need to comment under the daily post, instead of commenting under this post.

Check our account ‘T-Spot’ to know more!

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32805789 1144 #

I love Tecno.
2022-1-10 06:13 Like(0)

03453135792 1143 #

good initiative
2022-1-10 05:52 Like(0)

09753645571 1142 #

thanku i like this phone.
2022-1-10 00:37 Like(0)

03407378182 1141 #

I love tecno❤
2022-1-9 06:32 Like(0)

7069440413 1140 #

dey always find a way to bring out the best...easy to operate, healthy battery life and ability to withstand any weather
2022-1-9 00:22 Like(0)

32795775 1139 #

I love techno super battery life 100%easy to use such that any one can use it one of the best Android on the market I have been using Tecno phone since the first day I got my first phone and this spark 7 am using is my 5th Tecno phone
2022-1-8 12:51 Like(0)

9064133031 1138 #

Tecno is a wonderful and nice easy and fast phone to use and it is also cheap even if you have a small money you get clean fresh beautiful Tecno device at affordable price in my opinion I Alamin Alfa I give Tecno devices #1 in the world
2022-1-8 06:01 Like(1)

khun 1137 #

techno is one of the best Android phone because it's super easy to use and the specs are great and the price are affordable thank you I hope I that you can pick me to win thank you and stay safe techno fam.
2022-1-7 22:15 Like(0)

32647591 1136 #

tecno is very smart phone of me because this use of politely and smoothly
2022-1-7 20:38 Like(1)

32789800 1135 #

Tecno spare 7p is the best phone I have ever come across
2022-1-7 14:53 Like(0)



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