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Topic 7!Comment & Win: Share Your Stories and Win a Camon 18!

Activities  |  2021-12-17 01:59 1262539431

Hi T-Fans,
This event is jointly organized by T-SPOT and Boomplay.

From December 17th to 23rd, one topic will be posted each day, and all you need to do is to SHARE YOUR STORIES IN THE COMMENT SECTION!
1223 app.jpg

Active country:Kenya、Nigeria、Ghana、Tanzania

Dear T-Fans, you can click on the link to participate in the event

- In each country, there will be 1 winner who will receive the Camon 18.
- In order to win, users need to comment every day, and the one with the highest number of likes on all comments, will win the Camon 18.

17th - 23rd, December, 2021

Terms & Conditions
- Spam entries will be disqualified
- Winners will be announced before the 30th, December, 2021
- TSpot team reserves the final interpretation right of the campaign
- You need to comment under the daily post, instead of commenting under this post.

Check our account ‘T-Spot’ to know more!

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19nna_ehy22 1124 #

maganda talaga Tecno kasi ito gamit ko ngayon Lalo na camera niya
2022-1-6 06:06 Like(0)

3014218389 1123 #

2022-1-6 05:50 Like(0)

Mj1998 1122 #

2022-1-6 05:48 Like(0)

03241062893 1121 #

I want to get I want to buy new mobile but no enough money I want to free plzz give me
2022-1-5 07:18 Like(0)

740060543 1120 #

I have Tecno Pop 4 and it works cool mind is that I will like to touched the Tecno comon 18 on my hands and feel it because I never touched it in life history if have one just assist me with one xo I can touch it
2022-1-5 07:04 Like(0)

Zealoth18 1119 #

TECNO fonts are whack, please add some upgrade, e.g cool jazz or any other classical font, the old ones are so boring, new fonts would boom sales for your products, especially cool jazz
2022-1-4 20:36 Like(0)

iamperryblink 1118 #

I need the canon 8 seriously
2022-1-4 08:24 Like(0)

32765080 1117 #

2022-1-3 23:57 Like(0)

32762775 1116 #

2022-1-3 13:45 Like(0)

8102947132 1115 #

I have not seen any phone like tecno phantom 8, is the best in the market but my problems is that its not in the market any more , why tecno ?
2022-1-3 05:08 Like(0)



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