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[HiOS Latest] Photo Story: The Glimpse of the Fabulous and Amazing TECNO HiOS Fans Cafe in Pakistan

HiOS  |  2021-12-29 03:05 2754544

Hello, hello T-Fans,
It's the season of events as you all know, and what better way can HiOS present an event if not in a celebratory grand style to qualify the aura of the season.
The all exclusive FANS CAFE held in Pakistan is a true reprensentation of love and jubilation of this merry times as the fans welcomed the launch of HiOS 8.0 in their beloved country.
HiOS fans joyfully mingled to have special moment and discussions held around technology, innovation and the experience of HiOS on CAMON 18 series.
Many of the activities evolve around fun videos editing, vlogging, filmmaking etc., and the innovations HiOS designed over the years were judiciously talked about.
The participants in their well-dressed, non compromising attire gladly took part in every of the discussion. Laugh, smile and ideas shared among themselves.
Wonderful HiOS team in Pakistan gladdened the heart of everyone with the energy, vibes and insight of HiOS acomplishments in precision.
This is not just a gathering, the fans noted. It is a birth of long lasting relationship with TECNO's HiOS and her constant contribution to making their smart life easy and futuristic.
Oh, The fun-filled Drum Circle, where all participants took part in the mystic musical session, ending the event with a happy blissful note.
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32820215 21 #

ce la bonne qualité du moment
2022-1-12 12:29 Like(1)

ts3109111763 20 #

best of luck TECNO
2022-1-5 15:38 Like(1)

Gwachaiyo 19 #

Tecno fans, it is well with you in 2022.
2022-1-1 01:05 Like(1)

31702401 18 #

hi happy new year everyone here
2021-12-31 14:27 Like(1)

32741473 17 #

la Voie lactée de l'autre
2021-12-30 20:42 Like(1)

32547354 16 #

Merrier Xmas and happy New year to you all, hope all is well
2021-12-30 10:45 Like(1)

32705300 15 #

Hello Tecno Fans
2021-12-30 03:11 Like(2)

31773178 14 #

merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all tecno family
2021-12-30 02:41 Like(3)

32688824 13 #

2021-12-29 12:29 Like(1)

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